BALTIMORE (WJZ)– It is almost day six without power, and crews are working non-stop to turn the lights back on. Still, almost 50,000 BGE customers are spending another night in the dark.

Kai Jackson talked to some people who are still miserable without power, and their patience is wearing thin.

BGE tells WJZ that they have made significant progress restoring power, but the only thing those without power see is red. Five days after Hurricane Irene, thousands of Marylanders remain in the dark.

“Obviously for those who are still waiting, we know that they are frustrated, and I can assure you that the entire BGE team won’t rest until every customer is restored,” said BGE president Ken DeFontes.

The problem is the sheer volume of customers who are out. In many places, tree crews have to remove fallen timber  before power crews can restore electricity. And the combination of the two is time-consuming.

“There’s no water, there’s no lights, everything in the freezer and refrigerator just got whacked out,” Monye Weiner, a Pikesville resident, said.

BGE says they’re working around-the-clock to restore power, but for some, it’s simply not fast enough.

In Randallstown, a tale of two neighborhoods has Baltimore County residents frustrated. Homeowners tell WJZ nearly 60 houses are still in the dark, while BGE has restored power to others.

“Loss of food, just the inconvenience alone is enough,” said Angelita Coleman. “It’s just bad.”

In some cases, crews can’t remove trees because of live wires.

In Baltimore, County Executive Kevin Kamenetz says he is working with BGE to speed up that process.

“Our crews will come at a certain location, notify BGE that we’re waiting for them to arrive, their linesmen will then come and ground the live wire, and then we will take the tree down so that they can quickly move on to the next site,” Kamenetz said.

Comments (11)
  1. Joe W says:

    I feel horribly for all of the residents who still have no power and no response from anyone for when they will have it. We sustained power through the storm only to have it go out, inexplicably, on Monday am. Now BGE has admitted they turned us off PURPOSEFULLY to work on others but never completed that work and 76 hours later we are still off with no answer when they will circle back.

  2. Heida says:

    Number of customers in Harford co without power has gone up since yesterday. Maybe someone will come back to work here once the rest of the state has been restored and the grand is over. Hopefully vefore the tree dangling from the powerline over the road falls and kills someone….

  3. bob says:

    where is motor mouth omaaley. before the storm he was on every channel

    1. Ken says:

      Good point. Talk is cheap.

  4. cms827 says:

    This storm left a massive amount of people without power, and my neighbor works for BG&E and has been working around the clock to help restore power, he said it is just so many trees down on power lines and it takes time to remove them and if people actually seen some of the devastation they wouldn’t be so quick to criticize, I give these people alot of credit, they are tired and they come home to no power also but are right back at it the next day.

  5. jwin0902 says:

    My mom has been without power since Saturday, and now BGE is saying they might be able to restore power by Sunday. MIGHT be able to. There are 20 houses on her street without power, all the businesses at the top of her street have power, and all of the surrounding streets have power. They have no trees down and just a blown transformer. Funny how the businesses get power first!

  6. JJ says:

    SUPPLY AND DEMAND FOLKS! You can complain and complain all you want and there is nothing you can do!

  7. tylerjake says:

    After Hurricane Isabel I didn’t have power for EIGHT days. I lived in Bowie and BGE and Pepco were in a turf battle, over the outages. Also these out of state crews they bring in, don’t know the area and BGE couldn’t coordinate a one car funeral. Talk is cheap and they are wonderful at it. Since this was no Hurricane Andrew or Katrina, imagine what it would be if we ever were hit with a storm of that magnitude! We wouldn’t have power for years!

  8. TP says:

    My 87 year old mother has been with out electric for 6 days she has a heart condition,. Lives on ridge road 21244 and live wires are on the ground and around the mailbox 2936,2938,2930. Ridge Road are without electric.21244

  9. Hurricane Irene says:

    BGE needs to maintain all year round instead of going to extreme measures following an emergency. (like making employees work round the clock and importing contractors from other states.)

    There are many instances were fallen trees could not have been avoided, but there are many tree branches and leaning trees and poles that were about to fall and could have been cleared months ago.

    The extreme efforts taken now– should NOT result in higher rates for us.

  10. Michele says:

    We live in rosedale 21237. Bge tried to restore power yesterday then the transformer On the pole caught fire! The fire department had to be called, and bge hasn’t been back since…..

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