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WASHINGTON (AP) — One of the least popular pieces of security equipment since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks is now part of the Smithsonian’s collection at the National Museum of American History — a metal detector from the Transportation Security Administration.

On Thursday, the TSA donated the metal detector, along with a training figure used by air marshals and a shirt from the first official screener uniform.

The objects are among more than 50 items from New York City, the Pentagon and Shanksville, Pa., that go on view Saturday. They are part of a special exhibit, “September 11: Remembrance and Reflection,” through Sept. 11.

Other objects on view will be airplane fragments, a door from a crushed fire truck and a flight attendant’s handbook from Flight 93.

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  1. Bill Fisher says:

    They should donate Pistole, Napolitano and TSA to the Smithsonian, or better yet, a Federal Penitentiary. DHS and TSA are corrupt and abusive organizations only interested in their own expansion. TSA still pas down 3% if passengers whether they use the scanners or not. groping over 60,000 every day.

    They don’t mention that half of the scanners are the Rapi-Scan x-ray systems that will still have the naked image as well as dosing the passenger with radiation. While there may be an overlay of your naked image, which will still be in the computer anyway, on the return trip you may have to pass through the naked scanner with no privacy software at all and get an invasive pat down anyway
    TSA is violating people’s rights on a daily basis and trying to convince the public that digitally strip searching and fondling children’s genitals is somehow acceptable. It is a sad commentary on the decay of American morality that so many are willing to accept this.

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