Immediately after Baltimore Ravens’ back-up quarterback Tyrod Taylor went down with a left shoulder injury, e-mails began to pour in questioning why the team would have him in the game.

Well, for weeks, some fans were actually talking about how good Taylor looked, and if he were given a fair chance, he could challenge Joe Flacco for the starting quarterback spot. Whether you believe it or not, how could Taylor get a fair shot if he doesn’t even play in a game that the starting quarterback doesn’t play. He’s not a veteran who has earned the right to not play in the fourth pre-season game of the year. He’s a rookie sixth-round draft pick who certainly needs to play in that situation.

It is extremely unfortunate that Tyrod Taylor would get hurt, especially in the pre-season. However, this young man needed to play. He needed the reps. The Ravens needed to see more in order to determine whether or not they wanted to stick with Taylor or go with a veteran back-up for Flacco. What they got was more of a sample of Hunter Cantwell and that’s not at all what they wanted.

The word on Taylor is that he suffered a contusion and his injury isn’t serious. That’s what we’re hearing. That doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the truth. That could be the Ravens manning “Panic Central” as the team gets ready for the season opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Joe Flacco has not missed a game in his short three-year career. That being said, you need a reliable back-up for a team that is a post-season contender every year. You can question whether or not Tyrod Taylor was and is that guy, but there’s no question, Cantwell is not that guy. Did the Ravens get enough of a scare to prompt them to find someone? Is there anyone out there that they covet enough to pay to carry a clipboard?

There will be a mass of cuts made by NFL teams this weekend. There is a great chance that the Ravens can look among the scrap heap and find them a worthy back-up. You would think that at this point they almost have to, unless Taylor is actually going to be okay for next Sunday. As always, we’ll see…


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