Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a huge fight fan. I love boxing and all the drama that it brings in and outside of the ring. If you have seen any of HBO’s 24/7, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather is taking on Vicious Victor Ortiz in an upcoming bout. I am a huge Mayweather fan and I believe he is one of the best boxers of my generation. As Floyd puts it; 41 fighters went head to head with him and all 41 went down. In the 24/7 episode there was an uncomfortable situation between Mayweather Jr and Mayweather Sr. Its an absolute must see even if you don’t like boxing. Floyd and his dad have always had a strained relationship, and Jr. has always been closer with his uncle Roger Mayweather (his trainer).

As much as I like Mayweather, it’s impossible to not like Ortiz. His background story is one that we have heard throughout boxing history. Rough childhood, parents not present for most of his life and an abusive father when he was around. Ortiz was forced to raise his brother and actually had to go as far as to adopt him and become his guardian.

Mayweather and Oritz will meet in the ring in a September 17 showdown in Las Vegas and I’m really looking forward to this fight and I’ll be happy no matter who the winner is.

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  1. Travis says:

    Everyone i just found this guy on here only charging 99 cents for floyd mayweather fight saturday cant beat that email him at

  2. Alicia Neal says:

    Mayweather, all mi gotta say is please don’t hurt the lil boy too bad, cuz we already know you’re about to beat the brakes off Ortiz.
    Ortiz, you bout to catch a serious beat down. I love you Mayweather.

  3. LG says:

    Just finished watching the fight. Im digested by what i saw. If floyd was a CHAMPION, he would of won like a champion. Emotions were high but his true colors showed. He was true to form and displayed his true form a poor excuse for a athlete and champion. Shame on you Emmanuel for not commenting on what you saw. Analyst is what you were for HBO, you did not want to comment because you knew what you witness was foul. It may have been legal, but a poor display of sportsmanship.. For all you Mayweather fans, says a lot about your character.

  4. nb says:

    totally agree with you LG

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