WASHINGTON (AP) — The D.C. Department of Health will soon name more than 50 contenders who are approved to apply for a license to grow or sell medical marijuana in Washington.


The group includes former TV talk show host Montel Williams, along with a competitive bass fisherman, a Chinatown businessman and others.


The Washington Post reports the health department will name the approved contenders this week. They will be able to apply for one of 15 licenses. The district plans to announce the winners early next year.


Williams says he hopes to change perceptions about medical marijuana in Congress. But opening his clinic would come with a risk.


Applicants must recite a statement saying they understand a city license doesn’t authorize them to break federal law, which still makes medical marijuana illegal.



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Comments (3)
  1. Keith Kares says:

    Can medical marijuana bought in DC be smoked in Maryland?

  2. gary says:

    ******Can medical marijuana bought in DC be smoked in Maryland?*****

    why of course it “can” I brought medical mj with me that I bought in calif, and smoked it all in Maryland, it’s not legal, but I “can” do it

  3. pkwversicherung says:

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