BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A Maryland man makes a new appeal, claiming he didn’t murder his travel companion in Aruba.

Adam May has new developments in the case.

A panel of three judges is expected to make a ruling Wednesday. In the meantime, police are reaching out for new leads.

The body of Frederick native Robyn Gardner is still missing. Her travel partner, Gary Giordano from Gaithersburg, remains locked up as a person of interest in her murder. He claims she disappeared snorkeling last month in Aruba, but police don’t buy his story. They just released a surveillance picture of a white car, hoping the driver says something that can help them unravel the mystery. It was taken before the couple was last seen walking together, before Giordano walked into a bar and called police.

“There obviously are some interesting facts leading up to the disappearance, but the problem is without a body, it’s hard to make a case like this. How do you prove it’s not accidental?” said defense attorney Roy Black.

That’s what Giordano claims. Monday, his attorneys filed an appeal to a court ruling that keeps him locked up for 60 days, and his family continues making pleas for his release on national TV shows, like NBC’s “Today Show.”

“The least I can do is stand up for my son and tell the world what they hear about him isn’t true. He is not a monster,” said Frank Giordano.

Evidence against Giordano includes his attempt to flee the island, blood on some rocks near the beach where the two may have snorkeled and a $1.5 million travel insurance policy Giordano tried to cash two days after the disappearance.

Legal experts say police need to focus their case.

“Part of the problem here is there are two different theories. Are they saying that he premeditated this and got the insurance policy and intended to kill her? Or did they have an argument because he got jealous and at the last minute, ended up killing her? The two of those are inconsistent,” Black said.

A few weeks ago, the FBI also searched Giordano’s home in Gaithersburg. They’re not saying what, if any, evidence was recovered.

Giordano lost two similar appeals last month.

Comments (8)
  1. JackDaniels says:


    1. Nick Shannon says:

      Correction my buddy Jack…… THEY… are cashing in on her insurance policy 2 days after…. I mean really who puts an insurance policy out on someone they hardly know.

  2. dave glenn says:

    Giordano went to ploce of his own accord to report Gardner missing. Had he not done this, he would be home in the USA right now, since at flight time Gardner would simply been a no-show at the airport. Also, it is hard to collect insurance with no corpse. If this was a murder- insurance scheme,he would have made it look like an accident (trip and fall down a flight of stairs). At this point, Giordano can say, “I’m innocent. Prove me wrong!”

    1. CB says:

      just because it happened this way doesn’t mean he didn’t plan it.

  3. josecanuc says:

    The rug’s got to go.

  4. Kathryn says:

    He may have intended for her body to be found, only it has not been or it washed out instead of up onto the beach. He may have indeed tried to make it look like the accident he claims it was and simply botched the job. The insurance policy itself is suspicious, but when he tries to cash it in 2 days later, c’mon folks! Sheesh, that insurance money should have been the last thing on the mind of a person whose loved one just went missing. Someone you supposedly care about goes missing and first thing you do is try to take off rather than stay to do what you can to help look for them? Almost every family says their accused member is a wonderful person, it’s irrelevant.

    My gut says he is guilty and figured he could pull a Van Der Sloot too.

  5. Jumbie says:

    How about, both planned to collect the insurance and split it? She vanishes from the island, by any means, take a flight back to the US or any other country, he collects the money and later split it with her… Obviously, something went wrong, and they did not plan well… none look too smart to me. It’s just a theory!

  6. CB says:

    He killed her.
    a. The Insurance Policy
    b. The attempt to cash the Insurance Policy
    c. The violent argument caught on CCTV the day she goes missing
    d. his past history of violence towards women
    e. his financial situation
    f. the chance Gardner would have wanted to go snorkeling with her hair extensions and makeup, etc and her being drunk and it being late in the day.
    g. the chance Giordano would have wanted to go snorkeling and risk losing his rug.

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