HOWARD COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — The battle over nearly two dozen rescued monkeys in Howard County may be over.

Andrea Fujii has more on the legal battle that’s spanned over more than a decade.

As the founder of Frisky’s Wildlife and Primate Sanctuary, Colleen Layton-Robbins has taken in thousands of wild and exotic animals at her Howard County location since 1993.

“I’m their nurse, maid and waitress and I do love and adore every one of them,” Layton-Robbins said.

But about 100 yards away, the homeowners who share the same driveway with Frisky’s say they’re concerned for their safety, safety from the 22 monkeys that homeowner Richard Wyckoff and other homeowners say can escape. They have a picture as proof.

“Some of the monkeys that unfortunately do carry the disease and other behaviors are going to be threatful to people. It doesn’t give one a strong sense of comfort living next to that, so that’s the purpose of us continuing this,” said Wyckoff’s attorney, Thomas Meachum.

But Frisky’s claims their animals have never escaped and the facility is secure, complete with surveillance cameras.

After years of legal battles all the way up to the Maryland Court of Appeals, the County Board of appeals will now decide whether Frisky’s is a legal animal sanctuary that can keep wild and exotic animals. If not, the monkeys may have to be relocated.

“For them to go through that change and have health issues, it’d be life-threatening,” Layton-Robbins said.

In the meantime, Frisky’s says they won’t be taking in any more monkeys.

The County Board of Appeals says they do take community concerns into consideration.

The County Board of Appeals is scheduled to make a decision soon. That decision could then be appealed.

Comments (10)
  1. sh says:

    If the neighbors didn’t like the fact the animal sanctuary was there they should NOT have moved in next door!!

  2. Isabelle says:

    It’s unbelievable that this was spun in this way. Check your sources channel 13! That picture is 20 years old and given to the neighbors before unfriendly times. The baby monkey in the picture has passed on years ago. The sanctuary is inspected and approved by the government.

  3. Tbag says:

    Must be the same kind of neighbors that build a house next to or move in near a fire department. Fire Station has been there 50 years, but now all of a sudden there is too much noise, your not allowed to blow the siren when crossing a main road because its too loud. Come on people, you knew it was there, it was most likely there before you. If u didn’t want to hear the noise, or like the monkeys then maybe you should of checked the community out before u lived there. Get a life!

  4. Isabelle says:

    Oops, I forgot to mention the baby monkey wasn’t even an escapee, was let out to play before the drama. This is really about money and trying to take over someone else’s land. Report the truth, please cbs!

  5. Dean says:

    Their “proof” is a 20 year old picture of a monkey under supervision that was given to the neighbor BY Colleen, that monkey has passed away years ago, and it’s causing Frisky’s distress that you guys keep parading that picture around in your new story. Please check your sources, the fact that your source is a bitter neighbor who moved next door to Frisky’s (Frisky’s was there first) and has been trying to sue them for nearly a decade AND he’s lost before hence the bitterness.

    Frisky’s has always been up to code with the government.and state government policy and is inspected rigorously. Safety is always a top priority at the sanctuary and nearly every inch of the sanctuary is monitored. If you want proof that monkeys haven’t escaped by all means channel 13 go through the mountain of VHS tapes, Colleen will be more than willing to hand them over.

    Frisky’s also gives community tours regularly, if it’s so unsafe why would they give community tours? Would they have so many sponsors if they were as unsafe as you all make it out to be and how could they have continued for so many years without being shutdown? Frisky’s isn’t some lady whose holding up animals at her house, it’s a certified and inspected wild life sanctuary. The police have even checked the noise levels that Frisky’s makes and it’s at the same level as a library. What makes you say that all these government backed organizations are wrong, and this bitter neighbor is right?

    The bitter neighbor senses that he’s going to lose the case so he’s brought on channel-13 to do a smear campaign to help him win by having uninformed public on his side. Please do some journalism and investigate the story BEFORE parade the story on the news and web. Truth and justice are on Frisky’s side (quite literally) why aren’t you channel 13?

  6. independent says:

    Whycoff is a frightened shell of a person if seeking otu conflict is his penchant.

  7. marian says:

    huh?? what was the attorney thomas meachum trying to say?? was something left out?? i quote “some of the monkeys that unfortunatey do carry THE disease and other behaviors are to be THREATFUL to people”. what disease and is threatful a word” i read alot but have never seen this word in any book i ever read. does anyone know what he is talking about? and this case is like the new development going up on farmland then the new owners complaining about the animal noise and odor. hmmmmmmmmmmmm

  8. TJN72 says:

    This is what happens when people with money build multi million dollars homes near anything they fine not to their taste. It can and will happen to anyone of us.

  9. Check it out says:

    I quess these homeowners don’t know about the major natural gas lines that ars just down the road.These hi pressure lines have more of a diasater protentural than monkies

  10. Pickles says:

    Maybe the monkeys don’t like living by this guy either. What a shell of a person. I reiterate what everyone else is saying. They were there first. .He moved in later. Get a life, leave this poor woman and these creatures alone and go build a house somewhere else. Just not anywhere by me b/c you are not the type of neighbor that I would want

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