COLLEGE PARK, Md. (WJZ) —   The Terps won a big game against the Miami Hurricanes Monday night, but that’s not what has people talking.

The University of Maryland’s new football uniforms from Under Armour are drawing some comments…to put it lightly.

Click here for a photo gallery of the new uniforms.

The uniforms were unveiled during ESPN’s telecast of Maryland vs. the University of Miami.  They immediately drew a response.

LeBron James of the Miami Heat wrinkled his nose at the Terps’ fashion statement.

“OH GOSH. Maryland uniforms. #Ewwwwww!” he tweeted.

ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas tweeted: “The 1970s Houston Astros have just released a statement that they would not be caught dead in the new Maryland football uniforms.”

Even Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Tandon Doss jumped in on the fun during the game.

“Marylands uniforms r trash,” he wrote.

Doss’ teammate and former Maryland star Torrey Smith defended his alma mater’s new look.

“FYI I thought those uniforms were tough….looked better in person,” he tweeted.

WJZ Facebook fans are weighing in.

“The Pride uniforms look awesome,” said Heather Eversole.

“I love the Terps!! But bad uniforms,” said Karen Krainer.

“Who cares what they wear as long as they win. That’s all that matters at the end of the game. It’s not a fashion show it’s a football game,” said Bryan Falk.

The Terps did beat the Miami Hurricanes 32-24.

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According to a news release from Under Armour, the new apparel is “inspired by characteristics specific to the Maryland state flag and the University of Maryland… the jersey numbers, cleats, and gloves all feature a custom Maryland flag print.”

What do you think about the new Maryland uniforms? Post your thoughts in our comments section below!

Comments (11)
  1. Scott says:

    The new uni’s are very good – but would be better one small improvement. The MD flag has the red/white and black/yellow schemes in a checker board pattern. Fold the flag in half (any direction) and you can see all four colors. If the Terps helmet or jersey were reversed – the uni’s would have the same effect. The TV audience sees players mostly from the side on a normal 50yd line viewing angle. This would allow all four colors to show no matter what direction the player was viewed.
    Now that I commented on football fashion – I feel dirty.

  2. doll says:

    For you out of towners, I would not expect you to like the uniforms. I loved the uniforms….all of them…..loved the win even more. Go Terps! Fear the Turtle!!!

  3. Rhonda says:

    Great uniforms. I agree with Scott that alternating the helmet and jersey patterns to replicate the actual flag’s appearance might be an improvement. But they are fine as they are. The Maryland flag is well know to be one of the finest examples of heraldry in the world. The uniforms are a reflection of that.

  4. James says:

    When did we become Penn State?

  5. Erik says:

    Under Armour released several jersey designs that I THINK will all be used this season and possibly in the next couple of seasons.
    Nike does/did this with Oregon so this is in response to them. (Nike’s hq is in Oregon, Under Armour is here in Maryland).
    Most importantly though IMO is that Maryland had a big win over Miami and every high school player in the country took a look at that game or is going to think about Maryland now that these articles are getting so much attention because of the uniforms. Marketing baby!

  6. champss says:

    Made them look like crash dummies.

  7. Steve says:

    I love the uniforms and have been a Maryland fan forever. I graduated from U.of MD. in 1986 and have been waiting for something to spark and create a buss around Md. for ions. The uniforms are different and has created chatter around the country which is something Maryland lacked. You can’t continuously go with the status quo all the time. You have to be different, innovative and creative which is what Maryland has done. Like it or not, the uniforms created interest around the nation and much talk. It was nice that Maryland won the game which placed additional focus on the uniforms. Way to go Md. for not being concerned about the negative publicity that those uniforms would bring. You stepped outside the box and took a chance and I applaud you on that. Now just win baby:)

  8. Rob says:

    “The Maryland state flag is actually the old nautical signal for ‘clown overboard.'” -Mike Ford of Moxy Früvous, at Rams Head Tavern in Annapolis

  9. George of the Jungle says:

    Some will say the terps have come out of their shells and other might say they’ve come out of the closet. Either way, these new uniforms are BOLD, Colorful & Look like Winners! Great Job vs. U of Miami. GO Terps! Make us proud.

  10. STATIONNORTH says:

    As Richard Simmons would say, “the uniforms are FABULOUS!”.

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