BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore is dealing with problems after the latest onslaught of heavy rain.

Kai Jackson has a look at the weather issues around the city.

The Jones Falls in Baltimore City is a body of water prone to flooding in rainy weather and it lived up to its reputation Wednesday as torrential rain soaked the Clipper Mill area and threatened businesses.

“It looks bad. You can see a lot of flooding in the commercial places,” said Sonny Botterill.

In the South Baltimore neighborhood of Cherry Hill, floodwaters had residents on edge as the deluge threatened homes and had the city debating whether to evacuate some to higher ground.

“Later on, the rains may come back up and we’re going to have people checking,” said Capt. Richard Williams, Baltimore City Fire Department. “If we have to, we’ll sandbag and evacuate.”

“I already got a lot of stuff damaged from the last flood. I hope they get it together or move us or something,” said Renee Covington.

Storm drains are full so there’s no place for the water to go except for the street, or into homes or businesses.

In Gwynn Oak in Baltimore County near the city line, the downpour turned a small body of water into a dangerous raging river. It brought down trees and put power lines in jeopardy. It also flooded vehicles all near the intersection of Gwynn Oak Avenue and Purnell Drive.

“I am amazed. I’ve never seen this much water on my block ever,” said resident Johari Toe.

BGE warns people could lose power as a result of this storm, since the ground is already saturated from Irene.


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