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BLOG: Let’s Play (’til) Two

The Baltimore Orioles and New York Yankees had quite an evening in the Bronx last night.  There were four hours of rain delays which didn’t allow the game to start til after 11pm.  It poured throughout the game making playing conditions pretty unbearable at times, and yet once they started, they didn’t stop.  The television cameras kept showing dugout shots of managers Joe Girardi and Buck Showalter.  They looked a little ridiculous sitting there soaked watching a baseball game.  I understand that they need to get the game in but Bud Selig and MLB should be embarrassed by what went on last night.  I started to feel sorry for the Orioles players until I realized that if they weren’t so terrible maybe the game could’ve meant something to them too!!

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  • Jeff

    Who cares if it was raining or late. The average player salary is over 3 million. Let me repeat that again. The average player salary is over 3 million. They can play in some rain and they can play late. I won’t shed any tears for that.

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