Boonsboro Votes Down Backyard Chicken Ordinance

BOONSBORO, Md. (AP) — Backyard chicken fanciers won’t be allowed to raise their birds in Boonsboro.

The Boonsboro Town Council voted unanimously Tuesday night against a zoning change to allow up to three hens per lot in residential areas.

Town Planner Megan Clark told The Herald-Mail of Hagerstown that the issue came up in July after several residents expressed interest in raising chickens for eggs. The council introduced the ordinance that month, but other residents voiced opposition to it at a public hearing. One resident said the town could turn into a zoo. The council sided with opponents, voting 6-0 against the change.

Washington County allows chickens in agricultural and rural areas, and county officials say they often get calls from residents interested in raising chickens.

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  • Wheres common sense when you need it

    Judging from this article, this town is already a zoo! Why can’t people just mind their own business. If I pay the mortgage and the taxes and want chickens in my yard, then so be it! Thats why its MY yard! With all the problems in this country, oh never mind, this is why we have all the problems in this country. Everyone is to busy being into their neigbors business instead of worring about their own. Grow up and get a life!

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