BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — The rain has caused quite a mess in some Baltimore County neighborhoods.

Monique Griego reports the water has washed out many roads.

Heavy rain swelled a stream off Buckingham Road, covering streets with several feet of water.

Larry McKelvin couldn’t believe a rapid river was running right through his neighborhood.

“It’s just amazing to look at the power this water has.  I’m in the fire department, so just to see this power and the damage it can do, just in awe,” he said.

Flooded streets forced many driver to re-route their morning commute.

Many homeowners say they haven’t seen floodwaters like this since Hurricane Agnes.

Some are also worried about how this water is saturating the ground and impacting their trees.

Until the water recedes, roads will remain closed.

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  1. ann says:

    I have been on the phone with Baltimore County for two days. The storm drain on my road has over flowered the banks twice causing both my property and home to become flooded

    Everyone in the county continues to pass the buck and are content on using my home and property as the storm drain for this road
    instead of putting a barrier up so the water stays in the storm drain where it belongs

    My home and property are ruined!!

    So if they don’t want to put a barrier wall up and continue to pass the buck I will have no other choice but to block the water coming through on my end
    with a truck load of stone

    I am sick of tired living as a prisoner in my own home . The county needs to make sure the storm drains are adequate to hand a road’s water that is their responsibility, it is their property.

    I will not let them be content to use my home and my land as their storm drain any longer

    All they do is pass the buck and that includes the county executives office

    I have begged, I’m done begging, now I will handle it my way and block the storm drain from letting any water pass through that will affect my property and home which is what they told me to do. That is the only way I will not get flooded out

    We seriously need someone new in the Baltimore county executive’s office who is willing to oversee the department that they are responsible for

    They need to find solutions to these problems even if they are temporary
    until the restructuring of a new system can be developed to properly drain the road

    They could have put up ten barriers in the time they argue with you but no they want to use my property and home as a storm drain so I will now protect myself
    and they can deal with the aftermath

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