PORT DEPOSIT, Md. (WJZ)– Hundreds of people in Cecil County are cleaning up massive amounts of debris Saturday night in the wake of devastating floods. Port Deposit was hit especially hard.

Gigi Barnett has more.

Fast-moving floods swamped the small town. And as damage tears it apart, those who call it home are left with nowhere to go, at least for now. A mandatory evacuation is still in effect.

Susan Brown chose to stay behind. She worried about her house and modest grocery store. The business is a total loss.

“It’s our life, that’s how we make our money,” Brown, a Port Deposit resident, said. “It’s gone.”

Time may heal, but time around here caused hours of anxiety as residents waited to see just how high the water would rise.

“The power of this water is just absolutely incredible, something I have never seen in my life before,” said Capt. Mike Perry of Sky Eye Chopper 13.

“We’ve been coming down the past few days looking at the progress of the water, getting worse and worse,” Paul Gordon, a Port Deposit resident, said.

It peaked at nearly 33 feet, the third highest since the Conowingo Dam was built.

Many here and in other areas like Havre de Grace remember the worst case– during Tropical Storm Agnes back in 1972.

“It was up to the top of the promenade there,” said Rick Scunion of Havre de Grace. “They had a couple police cars that were floating in the water.”

Back here, crews are busy cleaning up a massive amount of debris and mud.

“Please be patient,” said Port Deposit Mayor Wayne Tome. “We’re trying our best to get our arms around this situation and evaluate. We’re looking after the safety of everyone.”

For folks like Brown, there’s a long road ahead before they recognize their town again.

“I don’t know what to do,” she said.


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