PORT DEPOSIT, Md. (AP) — Port Deposit residents who fled rising flood waters can’t go home just yet.

Town Administrator Rod Heinze says people in the least seriously affected areas of the Maryland town may be able to return Sunday evening.

Heinze says residents, especially those in the northern part of town, should call town hall and give their names and numbers. When officials are ready to inspect their property and clear it for residents, they will call. Returning residents will have to check in at town hall.

Officials are still working to restore water, sewer and electrical services in Port Deposit. The town was flooded after gates on the Conowingo Dam were opened to deal with rising waters from the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee.

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Comments (3)
  1. marty scully says:

    did you realize the local hotels are price gouging the local residence who need shelter??? Can you make that a major headline??

    1. Mr Adam says:

      No offense, but you should be a little smarter before building below sea level in an area with a dam and prone to flooding, and then your going to complain when theres flooding? WHAT DID U EXPECT? Human kind is so dumb. Instincs tell you to build high and dry. Instead, you build in an area prone to flooding. Can I say idiot? Or..you kind of get what you have coming..

  2. Mrs. Eve says:

    Mr. Adams (idiot) Port Deposit was there before the dam….and it’s not below sea level…do your research.

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