The Good – What could you say wasn’t good in this game? I don’t even know if that’s proper English, but the Ravens played amazing. Offense, Defense and Special Teams dominated this game from start to finish. From Ed Reed’s interceptions to Terrell Suggs sacks. On the offensive side, Flacco making all the throws and the great play from Ray Rice catching and running the football. I thought there were 3 guys that didn’t really show up in the stat sheet that deserve recognition. The hit that Jarrett Johnson put on Hines Ward had to put a smile on everyone’s face except for Hines’. Vonta Leach made some unbelievable hits and he opened up the hole on the first play of the game to give Ray his long run. Leach also was the first one on the scene when Polamalu was pulling on Ray Rice to clean up the mess. Lastly, Lee Evans didn’t have a catch but he stretched the field and made the Steelers respect the deep ball.

The Bad – The only bad from this game was the news about Jimmy Smith. He has a high ankle sprain and will miss at least a month. Would love to see what he looks like in the upcoming weeks, especially when the Jets come to town.

The Ugly – The only thing UGLY about this game was the Steelers fans.

Comments (2)
  1. Jim says:

    Great hit, but even better scouting. You can see that JJ left the rush, because he knew the pass was going to go to Hines Ward and he killed the play that led to an interception by Ed Reed. Awesome!

  2. Wompy says:

    O Line was amazing. Just goes to show ya, give Joe some time and watch the Ravens offense roll.

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