By Alex DeMetrick

BALTIMORE (WJZ/AP) —  Touching tributes are held across the country for the thousands killed a decade ago in the 9/11 attacks.

Alex DeMetrick reports Maryland has a new 9/11 memorial at the Inner Harbor.

Two beams of light illuminate the New York City skyline where the Twin Towers stood a decade ago.

“The Tribute in Light” capped off a day of remembrance at the transformed Ground Zero site, now featuring a memorial to the victims.

The plot of land known for a decade as “the pile,” “the pit” and “ground zero” opened to the public Monday for the first time since that terrible morning in 2001, transformed into a memorial consisting of two serene reflecting pools ringed by the chiseled-in-bronze names of the nearly 3,000 souls lost.

The 9/11 memorial plaza opened its gates at 10 a.m. under tight, airport-style security. Visitors were allowed to walk among hundreds of white oak trees on the eight-acre site and gaze at the water on the exact spots where the World Trade Center’s twin towers stood.

On Sunday, relatives read all of the names, 2,983 victims, including 68 Marylanders.

President Barack Obama and Former President George Bush shared a moment by the fountains and comforted family members.

Meanwhile, in the shadow of Maryland’s World Trade Center, three steel beams from New York and limestone pieces from the Pentagon’s west wall are now immortalized in a memorial unveiled in front of hundreds in a special ceremony.

People had many different reactions:

“This brings tears to my eyes.”

“I’m in awe.  I’m at a loss for words right now.”

“I feel so bad for all of the people who suffered for it.”

“It’s very moving.  I think it’s a beautiful tribute.”

“There really aren’t any right words.  It’s heavy on the heart, I think.”

Also part of the memorial is a museum exhibit inside the top floor of the World Trade Center with more artifacts from the disaster sites and photos and stories of all of the Maryland victims.

In order to get into the 9/11 memorial in New York, you have to register for a pass.  It is free and will grant you access for a specific date and time.


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