Well that was fun, wasn’t it? As you all know, I’m not from Baltimore nor am I a Ravens fan, but Sunday’s win over the Steelers was something special. It was special for the players, it was special for the fans and it was special for the city of Baltimore. After the Ravens’ 35-7 victory over Pittsburgh, Coach Harbaugh called the win a “players victory.” Why? Because it was the players who worked their tail off to be ready for Week 1 after a shortened preseason to play a division rival that has been a thorn in their side for many years.

Was this matchup more of a Week 5 game? Absolutely. But only because the consequences (of a loss) would have been insurmountable. On the other hand, a win, which the Ravens were able to achieve, did nothing but work in their favor. Ray Lewis told me after the game, “It’s always a start of something special when you beat a division rival in Week 1.” Lewis also said, “This shows a lot about the makeup of our team. We have the right group of guys and the right chemistry.”

With that being said, Ed Reed and Ray Rice both said a Week 1 win would not be “do or die” or “the end of the world” because of the 15 games left on the schedule. That’s a fact since none of you would trade this win for anything, even a sure spot in the postseason.

The Ravens head back to practice tomorrow and it’ll be interesting to see if they have an extra bounce of confidence in their step. I know it’s a moral victory more than anything, but it’ll also be interesting to see how this win affects the Ravens’ postseason chances.

Blog ya from practice tomorrow.

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