Md. Lawmakers Question Raising Migrant Worker Wages

WASHINGTON (AP) — Two members of Maryland’s congressional delegation are questioning the impact of visa changes that will increase wages for migrant workers at seafood processing plants.

Senator Barbara Mikulski and Representative Andy Harris say the new regulations set to go into effect Oct. 1 for H-2B visa workers threaten the state’s seafood industry and the jobs it creates. Industry groups have filed suit in Louisiana to block the changes.

Harris told The Star Democrat of Easton that the changes will increase domestic seafood prices, allowing foreign seafood to dominate the market.

Mikulski says it doesn’t make sense that a regulation intended to help workers will cost American jobs. Mikulski says she will fight to delay the rule until an analysis of the economic impact on the seafood industry is complete.

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  • baltimore resident

    yeah right she is a democrat and if the illegals give her the vote then she will go along with anything

  • Doubting Thomas

    This is all crocodile tears. The Peoples Socialist Republic of Maryland gives everyone and anyone except US citizens anything they want to include in-state tuition at state universities, no restrictions on attending local public schools, interpreters, access to hospital care etc…
    Maryland legislators, from county boards to Congress, have openly welcomed illegals in an effort to curry votes and now suddenly they wake up from their stupor with this feeble protest? Besides they will be the first ones to raise taxes on legal state residents to pay for any increases brought about by this bill. Its not enough unemployment for U.S. citizens is at it highest levels, schools in Maryland are overcrowded, and they tax everything they can. If they could figure out how to tax farts they would. Yet ask them to do anything for U.S. citizens that built the state, they don’t know nothing from nothing. Shameful.

    • Bernard Mc Kernan

      Curry votes??? Illegals need to prove ciyizenship in order to vote. What cave have you been living in?

      • baltimore resident

        the same cave your in the federal gov’t has laws that say you must prove citizenship to work but they still have jobs, so how do you explain that Bernie

    • Jeff

      You both mentioned Illegal’s voting. You do know that illegal aliens can’t vote right? I know you’ve been to the polls before. Those old people running it are sticklers. If your names not on the registered voter list, your not voting.

      • baltimore resident

        but marty omalley lets them have everything else, in state tuitions, drivers licenses etc so how hard would it be to get a voters card

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