BLOG: Hats Off To Jeremy Guthrie

The Orioles have drifted so far off the back burner they’re off the stove. That said, tip of the cap to Jeremy Guthrie.

He was sitting there at 6-17, and with 4 or 5 starts left, staring 20 losses in the face.  Not only did he say he wouldn’t beg out of the lineup if he got to 19 losses (and if I was Buck I would never put him out there with a chance at 20), but he actually said he was focused on winning those 4 games to get to double digits in wins.

Since then, he’s rattled off two tremendous starts.  Big deal that he’s 8-17? No.  Big deal that he has that kind of an attitude? To me, yes.  I kind of hope the Orioles trade Guthrie, not to give up on him, but he deserves the opportunity to play for a winner.

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  • Nathan

    Agreed no doubt. Class guy in the clubhouse and in the community.

    He’s the type of guy we need to keep around.

  • Moses

    You get the shovel of wisdom….. Guthre is PAID to pitch ALL SEASON if he is healthy….. If he is worried about loosing games PITCH BETTER… THROW MORE STRIKEOUTS….. As I said on Facebook ‘ When Ed Norris was in the police dept. and if the crime rate went up …did he take time off????? I dont think so…. BAM!!!!

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