By Pat Warren

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Maryland lawmakers are expected to take another crack at raising the state’s gasoline tax.

Political reporter Pat Warren asks drivers what they think of that.

The road to a gas tax increase is about as bumpy as the roads it’s intended to fix. Drivers, already squeezed between price increases at the pump and the overall economic woes, see a hike as a hardship.

“Especially at this time of the economy, you know people are struggling to get by,” Jason Vollmer said.

Lawmakers are looking for ways to raise another $800 million a year for roads and highway projects. Drivers now taxed 23.5 cents a gallon could see that raised between five and 10 cents a gallon. Tacking the 6 percent state sales tax to the wholesale price is another option.

“I do think it would be a bit of hardship,” Vollmer said.

But taxpayers have every reason to expect another run at it next year.

“They plan to raise the gas tax, they’re going to expand sales tax to services. There’s a number, I mean, there’s at least five or six things,” said Maryland State Senator Nancy Jacobs.

“I have been in favor for a long time of gradually increasing the gas tax in the state of Maryland,” Morris Segall, an economic advisor with SPG Trend Advisor, said.

Segall tells WJZ, Maryland needs the money, but any tax increase would have to be done gradually.

If you throw on top of a very fragile economy, added costs for businesses and consumers, they’re going to pull their horns in,” he explained. “They’re already depressed.”

Even so, some are already expecting it.

“I gotta pay it,” said driver Jacob Smith. “Hopefully, the state will use the money for the streets and everything else that needs to be fixed up. People are going to complain about it, but we gotta to get it paid.”

Considering all the attention it’s getting, it’s becoming clear that the state will raise the tax on gasoline. The only questions are: by how much and when.

There is no formal proposal for a gas tax increase as yet.

Comments (19)
  1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    How to kill a sagging economy & inflict more pain & suffering on the citizens of Maryland. That should be the headline in tomorrows paper. What is wrong with the morons in Annapolis that have generous auto allowances & even chauffer driven cars. They’re out of touch with reality & fail to consider that this will hit the people hardest that can least afford it. The poor & middle class will pay a greater share.Stop raiding the transportation fund & budget properly & we won’t have this to deal with.

    1. Larry26 says:

      I absolutely agree!

  2. wayne says:

    what is wrong with lawmakers empty little heads. Don’t they know we are already taxed to death. No more taxes you dumb out of touch moron.

  3. E Campbell says:

    Maryland The Tax Everybody to Death State Our Lawmakers are out of their minds the economy is Bad and the our Govner is one of the highest paid in the Country and his Cronies are not far behind My Guess is they Want Another Raise I Say Vote them all out and Start over History shows that when we Have Democrats in Office Taxes go up Bigtime Look around people of Maryland They Are just looking at lineing their Pockets

  4. Wheres common sense when you need it says:

    They need more money to help pay for the entitlement programs that are bankrupting this state. This money will not be used for roads, but thats what they want you to belive.

  5. Dan says:

    This is exactly how a liberal Democrat state is run. Tax, Tax, Tax, Tax, and Tax. Oh, by the way, more Tax. When are the voters going to understand that this can be changed if the Democrats are ousted? I don’t see why this has been allowed to go on for so long. Wake up!

  6. Mr. Right says:

    That is what Dammocrats do, Tax tax tax that is why the tea party started ( taxed enough already) and guess what else the tea party comprised of not only republicans but, they are ever day citizens that are sick and tied of the government extorting the public and using every opportunity to bleed the citizens dry ill bet you there are lots of closet teabaging democrats lol

  7. Steve says:

    That’s great, raise the gas tax when people can’t afford the basic essentials for their families. Because that always makes alot of sense. Please for the love of god and all things holy, stop voting these idiots in to office! You are destroying the state by doing so.

  8. Larry26 says:

    Is this all this State knows how to do is raise taxes? It’s time to get rid of everyone in Annapolis including the governor. Impeach or recall. Gas hike tax, toll increases, and the next will be the income taxes, property taxes. They have to learn to do with less. We have to and then they still want to keep robbing us!

  9. Debbie says:

    It is happening across the nation and it will happen here as well…VOTE them out of office if they can’t learn to curb spending instead of raising taxes.
    Show your displeasure with your VOTE
    They raided the transportation fund for their reckless spending and now want to penalize the taxpayers for their folly

    1. Card says:

      Agreed Debbie,
      But Most people are lazy!!

  10. TC says:

    Raise the prices of gas and the the price of food gets raised too, because it takes the gas to get the food to the store and while your at it raise the price of electricity and health insurance and people will be riding the governments skirt tails forever using benefits. Let people afford these things and get paid what they should and they can take care of themselves. Makes people feel like they are living with their parents for financial support.The poverty rates keep climbing I wonder why… Such great decisions like these

  11. Card says:

    I thought the State had a 22 B surplus that was going into the “Rainy Day” fund??
    So you need to TAX us MORE??


  12. A Lennart Jönsson says:

    Hmmmm… OK so MD has the Gas Taxes (plural), the Toll Hikes, the B.S. Emissions JOKE that sucks $20 a pop out of your pocket… PLUS the MVA fees, and the shady red-light camera tickets that only charge you EXTRA for breaking the law rather than inhibiting you… so what ELSE can WE do to contribute to the coffers? How about a $1 surcharge to enter AND leave Baltimore? They can put tollbooths on EVERY beltway exit!!!! Put a tollbooth on Rt. 40 East in Cecil County so ALL major highways in and out will be restricted… Raise the speed limit on the BWE to 80 M.P.H – but you have to pay $1000 a year to use it! With that few cars on the road it will be TOTALLY safe! And the worst part is… I’M IN ALABAMA… What the hell are YOU doing about the horrible state of Maryland? It is SO sad! The People’s Republic of Maryland… 😦

  13. A Lennart Jönsson says:

    BTW — that’s JUST for the COMMUTERS! The SUCKERS who troll in and out to their jobs every day for the privilege of paying the add-on commuter charges… BUT what are the state corporations paying? IKEA, Black & Decker, Defense industries, Petroleum industries, paper-pushing industries… etc, etc, etc…

    1. Mr. Right says:

      Hey Eisenstein (A Lennart Jönsson) they are paying! they pay by the boat load ( tractor trailer load ) of witch is passed down to us the consumer, how would like to try to meet payroll, quarterly taxes, insurance , workman’s comp and a monthly BG&E bill etc.. which leaves less for employment that is basic economics 101. no wonder business are leaving the state ! you Obamacrats never learn! Stop this crazy class war-fair and crazy state sponsored extortion job killing tax hikes!

  14. Taxed by the numbers says:

    The Gods in Annapolis will be upset if they don’t get this gas tax. They should be accountable for the waste of money, taxes and spending… NOT!!!!!! Fat chance that would happen in Annapolis.

  15. OMalleyTaxer says:

    how about cutting spending? Guess you would have to be a (D) umba$$ to come up with a plan like that huh?

  16. Who cares about gas prices... says:

    that hardship guy is HOT

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