Phillips Seafood Restaurant Closing At Baltimore’s Light Street

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Sunday night was the last night diners could enjoy the iconic Phillips Seafood restaurant– at the Inner Harbor, that is.

After 31 years in the Light Street Pavilion, Phillips is reopening in the nearby Power Plant Live building. No firm date has been announced for the reopening.

  • pigeon

    Oh boo hoo. Over rated and over priced!
    Hopefully the majority of those who lost their job will be the first ones considered when (if) the new location opens. We can’t afford to keep losing jobs in Baltimore or Maryland.

  • willie joe

    That place was a s**t hole. Used dirty chinese crab meat & f**k’d over their employees. Somebody sue these pricks.


    For more than 40 years (that I know of) managers of the seafood processors’ plants, in Maryland, had shipped to their seafood processing plants the female egg bearing crabs (when available) from the Virginia and North Carolina waters of the Chesapeake to Maryland. The female egg bearing crabs, once they arrived at various seafood processors, were steamed, often allowed to cool over night in freezers, and then – usually the next business day – the crabmeat was picked. The now ruined/killed crab eggs were discarded as waste along with the crab shells or crab pickings/shells/bones. 100s of millions of crab eggs are killed in the process; 10s of millions of female egg bearing crabs are killed in the seafood processors plants each year. This on going process alone equates to approximately 1/2 or more of the reason for the decline in the blue crab population as we see it is today. One has to wonder – where is there a future for the blue crabs if the act of allowing the egg bearing female crab to be continuously harvested for its internal crab meat; there is only one answer……there will be a supply to low to harvest and/or to enjoy.

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