Well, yesterday’s Ravens game didn’t turn out as planned, did it? I think I picked the Ravens, 31-7 in their matchup against the Titans… clearly paying no mind to the whole “trap game” philosophy that John Harbaugh shot down all week. As a head coach, he should shoot that down. After all, it’s not illogical to think the Ravens couldn’t beat Tennessee after crushing the Steelers the week prior, right?

No. It’s not.

This is the NFL. We say the same thing in baseball… no team is to be taken lightly, especially when your team is in dire need of a victory. Or in this case, at least one of their city’s franchises to be successful. Players such as Ray Rice, Lardarius Webb and Joe Flacco told us all week that this is a new game, a new team, a new challenge and a new game plan. With that being said, since every team has their weaknesses, Sunday’s game plan called for Baltimore’s secondary to step up and shut down the Titans’ fierce offense, in particular their passing game. Unfortunately, the Ravens’ cornerbacks and safties — particularly Cary Williams — was unable to do so.

Now 1-1 on the season with 14 left to play. Yes, 14. The Ravens will turn the page and focus on next week where a whole new set of challenges will present themselves. But I have to admit, while I was watching the Titans run circles around the Ravens (at Nick’s Fish House — where you should all come hang out with myself, Jeremy Conn, Ken Weinman and the rest of the 105.7 The Fan crew on Sunday road games) I couldn’t help but wonder what this town would be like if their beloved football team didn’t make the postseason? The mere thought of it made me… cringe. In my opinion, take it or leave it, the Orioles’ failures have caused more negativity than this town deserves. As a baseball fan (not of a team, of the sport), no town deserves to go 14 years without a competitive product on the field. I’ve said a hundred times: Thank God for the Ravens.

Let’s just hope they left all of their problems in Tennessee so we can continue to enjoy purple Sundays!


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