All last week I talked about how I couldn’t see the Baltimore Ravens losing to the Tennessee Titans.  Well the Ravens went out Sunday and showed me how its done.  Last year, there wasn’t a game that Ravens fans couldn’t argue “we should’ve won that one”  Not yesterday.  The Ravens were beaten in every phase of the game.  Joe Flacco looked lost at times.  Gone was the poise he showed last week against the Steelers.  Not having Ben Grubbs at guard must have destroyed the offensive line because they couldn’t run or pass block.  Michael Oher was back to his old tricks withe two false start penalites.  Then there was the defense who didn’t get to Titans QB Matt Hasselback once and couldn’t cover Kenny Britt and the rest of the Ttitans WRs.  Finally, what was John Harbaugh doing kicking a field goal down 13 midway through the 4th quarter?  The was the game was going did you really think you were getting the ball back twice.  Yesterday was a beatdown, I hope the Ravens got it out of their systems.


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