Today we talked about a battle being fought in Kansas between the sexes.

The Kansas State Wildcats have had a tradition of “EMAW”, Every Man a Wildcat, which ticked off a woman who wrote an op-ed piece challenging the tradition and asking it be changed to Every Person A Wildcat. Maybe it’s because I’m a guy but I just don’t see how this is offensive. It represents mankind …as in all “men” are created equal etc. You know what the intent is, why get caught up in the semantics?

If we continue down this road are we going to visit Personhattan? Cheer for Personchester United? C’mon

  1. burgersub says:

    way to quote the declaration of independence as your proof that this shouldn’t be offensive. nevermind that when it was written it in fact was not referring to women or non-white men or even white men that didn’t own land or whatever. but yeah, i’m sure this is definitely a slippery slope to changing manhattan to personhattan. *eyeroll*

    when people start complaining about “political correctness,” that’s when i reach for my revolver.

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