By Mary Bubala

ORANJESTAD, Aruba (WJZ) –Unfair.  That’s what Gary Giordano’s attorney calls the re-enactment of the disappearance of a Maryland woman in Aruba.

As Mary Bubala reports, police used cops dressed like the couple to re-create what might have happened that day on the beach.

On Monday, officers retraced Robyn Gardner’s final steps on the island. Her travel partner Gary Giordano insists Gardner drowned when they went snorkeling.

Aruban prosecutors want to know if his story checks out. But his defense attorney says authorities ignored some of Giordano’s statements about what happened that day during the re-enactment.

Late Monday night, authorities in Aruba made a fresh plea to the public for any information on Gary Giordano. He’s yet to be charged with a crime and has denied any wrongdoing.

Giordano is challenging the ruling of an Aruban judge which extended his incarceration in an Aruban jail by 60 days. His attorney, Michael Lopez said he plans to appeal on Monday before a three-judge panel.

Stateside, the FBI is also involved. Just over two weeks ago, federal agents scoured Giordano’s Maryland home at the request of the Aruban government.

The pair headed to Aruba after meeting online. But after Gardner’s disappearance, Giordano reportedly stood to gain $1.5 million in insurance money through a policy he bought specifically for their five-day trip.

He apparently tried to cash it in just two days after she went missing.

Police detained Giordano when he tried to leave Aruba after promising to stay and answer questions. He has been jailed ever since.

Authorities believe Gardner is dead, but one month after the U.S. tourist went missing her body has still not been found.

Re-enactments are common in the Dutch legal system.  Police also did one when Natalee Holloway disappeared.

Meantime, a federal grand jury is scheduled to convene here in Maryland on Wednesday to determine whether Giordano could face U.S. charges in the case.

Comments (2)
  1. Justice NOT Served says:

    They have had this man locked-up for more than a month, yet still have not one shread of evidence to use against him.

    It is not as though they are not looking for evidence; rather, the article states that they have “scoured” his apartment, They have done this, even though he has not been charged with a crime. He is still a US citizen, even though he is currently residing in an Aruban jail cell. My guess, is that the FBI has trampled his rights, at the request of the Aruban authorities. In Aruba, however, he has no rights, as demonstrated by his imprisonment “while they search for evidence to charge him with”.

    Personally, I am never going to Aruba; and neither are my entertainment dollars.

  2. sheriff says:

    Aruba is a s….t hole lime stone rock pile where the wind will blow you off the beach. They have hotels & gambling but so does Vegas & every other city in the U.S. now.

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