ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — Maryland lawmakers appear to be moving closer to a gas tax increase, despite voter disapproval.

Political reporter Pat Warren explains the roads are the reason.

Politics mixed with the price at the pump. In late April, a blue ribbon commission began exploring the possibility of a gas tax increase.

“There is one tax that the business community universally supports. Doesn’t matter what slice of it or where you are, and that is the gas tax,” said Governor Martin O’Malley. “And there is one tax and that the general public universally and unanimously opposes—that is the gas tax.”

Drivers already squeezed between price increases at the pump and economic woes see it as a hardship.

“People are struggling to get by,” said one driver.

Drivers are already taxed 23.5 cents a gallon and could see it increased by between five and 10 cents a gallon.

Despite protests earlier this year, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that it’s coming up again, but not likely when the General Assembly meets in special session next month.

“We shouldn’t be raising taxes or making major budget decisions during the special session. We need to wait and see what the federal government does,” said Senator Jim Rosapepe.

Lawmakers expect to re-enter the debate in the regular session next year.

Maryland’s gas tax hasn’t increased since the early 1990s. That argument was used to increase a liquor tax, but it may not work the same way since gasoline is a necessity and not a luxury.

The state transportation secretary says paying for the number one priorities in each of the state’s 24 jurisdictions would cost $12 billion.

Comments (16)
  1. Wheres common sense when you need it says:

    I know, how about using the transportation fund for transportation projects only! Wow, what a concept. But instead, it is used to balance the budget and anything else the idiots in Annapolis feel they want to spend it on. It would be very interesting to see a break down of all the money that is use from the fund and how it was spent. Walking trails are a form of recreation, the real fancy state police cars on I95 are for enforcement, not transportation. When Annapolis gets serious about proper spending……………well never mind, THATS not going to happen!

  2. Debbie says:

    Since we the taxpayers pay for the gas for these elected officials, I am sure they don’t really care how hard it is for the rest of us. They have shown us time and again it is about them and not us. It is not their money and SPEND SPEND SPEND is the only thing they know.
    Remember everytime you fill up……VOTE THEM OUT. Until you do, MD will continue to be a state of high taxes and overspending.

  3. LINDA says:


  4. dave says:

    you democrats got what you wanted!!!

  5. jim says:

    It’s our own falt WE voted them in now vote them out and bring in some who will take care of the voters in maryland. NOT THEM SELVES!!!!!!

  6. james says:

    I agree with Dave, they voted him in 2x. You would think they would have learned the first time. Guess not…..

    1. Kate says:

      AMEN!!! to James’ comment.

  7. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    Annapolis is full of selfish lobbyists, politicans & crooked lawyers. Drop a bomb on the city & wipe out all those pricks.

  8. d glenburnie says:

    well it’s who ever keeps voting in all these a$$$ holes in . I actually yried voting in all new people last time but did know good same people all the time i’ve given up first chance I get i am getting out of this state. they do nothing for the senior citizens , military or the poor can’t wait to leave. and before anyone says well then leave I would if I could . just waiting for the right time.

  9. baltimore resident says:

    the big question I have is if everyone complains about the democrats and how they mess up everything, how in the hell do they keep getting elected?? I mean someone is voting them into power, but no one will admit they did it, but soon as something is good the same ones will spout how great they are and vote democrat etc.. I tell you this I am repub 100% and proud of it, not that they are much better, but at least I ain’t ashamed to admit it.

  10. bmoregyrl says:

    I want a list of people who are voting for and against so I know who I am voting for next year. I am tired of my money going to the government and illegals and I can’t keep my own money so I can get what I need or want. I am tired of it period and I am sure most of the tax payers are tired of it too. How do you go about finding out who is voting because I will be calling them as well to let them know how I feel and I would want everyone who is against it to call as well. They heard the public about raising tolls and now they are only going up a $1.00 so let’s do it again and remind them that elections are coming up.

  11. pigeon says:

    Unfortunately we are not going to be able to vote them out before they “put it to us”.
    And someone even suggested getting an accounting for the funds. Excuse me, but someone needs to do an accounting for every damn penny we have “paid” the State of Maryland. THAT INCLUDES THE LOTTERY!
    Watch hell freeze over first!
    The people in Annapolis are not better then those in DC – politics is politics is politics. Like unions, corruption prevails.

  12. Charlene Maurer says:

    R u serious. We need to get rid of these politicians that consistently stick it to us.
    they stick it to the smokers.. with taxes.
    They stick it to social drinkers with alchol tax.
    Now they trying to stick it to us with Gas Tax.
    Enough with the taxes..
    Taxation without PROPER Representation!!!!! Hmmmmmmm… Just saying!

  13. Debbie says:

    The people who vote for them aren’t paying any taxes, just getting handouts that is how they get elected. ANd unfortunately they can’t keep buying those votes unless they tax us to pay for all those handouts.

  14. James Joyce says:

    I can’t afford this. I am too busy saving up to send Juan and Pedro to college.

  15. Jethro Hooper says:

    Here’s my strategy for hiking the gas tax. Double it, and then rebate the increase to every motor vehicle owner for the amount of gas it takes to drive 12,000 miles per year in a fuel efficient car. Have two cars? Rebate on only one. Have a gas hog? Rebate only on the fuel to run an efficient car. Drive 30,000 miles per year? Rebate only on 12,000. Have a a boat that uses more gas on a Sunday afternoon than a citizen uses in three months of driving a car? Sorry, no rebate. Make those pay who squander our resources and contribute the most to polution and road use.

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