BEL AIR, Md. (AP) — After two people brought several items they believed might be pipe bombs to a state police barracks in Harford County, Maryland officials are urging residents to call authorities instead of moving suspicious items they come across.

Police say a man was helping a friend remove items from her farm on Tuesday when they came across a camouflage bag containing four tubes containing some type of powder with detonation cord. The pair drove to the Bel Air barrack and told the duty officer that they had items in the truck they thought might be pipe bombs.

Troopers closed Route 1 while an explosives expert examined the tubes and determined they weren’t pipe bombs.

Police warn that if you find something suspicious, you should move away from the area and call 911.

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Comments (2)
  1. KottaMan says:

    This is living proof that brain death is alive and well. If you don’t care about possibly blowing up yourself and your vehicle, for Christ’s sake at least think of others on the highway. It is a shame that Cubic Stupidity is not illegal.

  2. I hate Idiots says:

    Call me crazy,but if i “thought” or “suspected” that there were pipe bombs,or hell any bomb for that matter,on my property,the last thing I’d do is put them in my GAS FUELED car and drive to the police station.IDIOTS!

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