TOWSON, Md. (AP) — Police in Baltimore County are shifting the locations of three of the county’s 15 speeding cameras.

Spokeswoman Elise Armacost tells The Baltimore Sun that the cameras will be moved to school zones at Middle River Middle School, Eastern Technical High School and Catonsville High School. Schools that will lose cameras are Sparrows Point High School, Hawthorne Elementary School and Lansdowne High School.

The county also plans to add a new camera next year at Perry Hall High School.

It will be the first time that the county has changed enforcement locations since the speed camera system took effect in 2010.

Armacost says Police Chief Jim Johnson plans to add cameras at additional schools but the number and locations have not yet been determined.

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Comments (5)
  1. ed bel says:

    So I thought it was enforcement ,,,,,, not a money thing….I guess since they have been there for some time there not making money and moving them…

  2. JMAC says:

    I actually liked the officer enforced method. It was a police presence in the community, not a camera. A camers just stops speeders, but an officer can actually stop crime like open air drug markets, gang activity and vandalism. Get rid of ALL the cameras and hire more PEOPLE.

  3. casey says:

    Makes sense to move it away from Landsdowne High. The road is so bad at that spot you can’t speed even if you wanted to!

  4. Alex says:

    Didn’t they have a report last year that it cost more to run the speed camera program than the revenue it produced? What would happen if that was a real business? Out of business – just like this should be.

  5. Gov. BS says:

    It doesn’t cost more to operate a Speed Camera, than is collected. This is simple Propaganda that is designed to manipulate the opinions and attitude of the people that are affected by the cameras.

    As was stated by another reader, the cameras are being moved, because they are collecting less revenue in their current locations. Drivers have learned the current locations of the cameras (the hard way) and have adjusted their driving habits to compensate. Moving the cameras will harness a new group of unsuspecting motorists for a time. The cameras will then be moved again, to follow the monetary oportunities offered by another location.

    When interpretting statements issued by our government, one must “read between the lines” so to speak. Adding cameras to increase the total number used, indicates a positive cash-flow, not a loss. The cameras operate 24/7, 52 weeks per year, and need no benefits package or vacation pay. Its a no-brainer, for government accountants (the ones that analize the feasibility of projects such as the speed cameras). It was never a question, as to whether the cameras would generate a profit, or that they would require repositioning periodically.

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