I wrote a couple of days ago about the Orioles and how their annual losing has sucked the enjoyment of baseball out of me and plenty of others.

Earlier this week, the Birds tried like hell to suck the playoff life out of the Boston Red Sox by taking three of four from Boston at Fenway Park. In all fairness, the Orioles have been playing well.

Including Thursday’s 6-5 victory over the AL Central Champion Detroit Tigers, Baltimore has now won 8 of it’s last 10 games.

That’s nice.

Unfortunately for the Orioles, it’s a case of too little too late.

In 2010, Baltimore closed the season by going 34-23 under new manager Buck Showalter. The strong finish had Orioles fans hopeful that 2011 would be a year of success.

It was not to be.

Once again, the Birds are at the bottom of the AL East standings.

While I enjoy seeing them play good baseball, I’m not falling into the trap again. I refuse to do it. I want to see them play well for six months. Not six weeks.

It hasn’t happened for 14 years.

Hopefully, soon, we’ll see it happen again.


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  1. Jeff says:

    The reason they play well at the end of the season can be attributed to a couple factors. The most notable is that they are in the basement and out of contention. They have no pressure on them right now. The fans don’t care anymore once they are out of the race. It’s easier to perform when there are no expectations. It happens to bad teams at the end of every year. Also, they are motivated to try and affect the playoff picture even though they are out. Another factor is that teams don’t take them seriously. If your a good team, you can tell yourself that you have to play well because its still a MLB team your playing. But anyone whos ever played sports at any level will tell you that you let your guard down a little when you know the team your playing stinks. You don’t have that same edge when playing a bad team that you have when playing a good team and thus you allow a bad team to beat you. It gives you false hope at the end of every year.

  2. Jeff says:

    This is the 2nd year in a row where Matt Weiters has been hitting well in the last month and basically padding his numbers for the season. Where was this hitting in April, May, June, July when it was needed??? It’s the 2nd year in a row and I think it has to do with there being no pressure once the team is out of sight in the standings.

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