BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Heavy rain cripples parts of Maryland once again, stranding people on the roads. On Pulaski Highway, the water rose so quickly that a car became almost totally immersed. Emergency crews made a number of swift water rescues in both Baltimore and Harford counties. But there are no reports of injuries so far.

Meghan McCorkell reports with incredible pictures of the dangerous flooding.

Many people got in over their heads as the water quickly rose Friday afternoon. Rescue workers had their hands full trying to save people. 

As the rain poured down, a flash flood trapped cars on Pulaski Highway. Beyond the call of duty, a police officer was in up to his waist to rescue a stranded driver.

Chris Ratajcsak was trapped under the same bridge an hour before.

“Stopped at the red light and the water just came rushing up. Came in my truck actually; it was that high,” Ratajcsak said.

The water so high near the intersection of Rosedale Avenue, the divider in the road just disappeared. At least a dozen people were pulled from cars now floating in the middle of the road. The crowd looked on helplessly as the water rose.

Even rescue workers nearly needed rescuing with the floodwaters over top a fire truck’s headlights.

Drivers coming down the ramp to Pulaski Highway couldn’t see the water until they were already in it.

“I mean. You saw it, but you didn’t know how deep it was,” said Tamika Haynie, stranded driver.

Haynie didn’t plan on spending her son’s sixth birthday trapped in water.

“We’ve been sitting here eating his candy for the past hour and a half now,” she said.

Other drivers backed up the ramp to get away from the water.

As the rain eases up, there’s a sign of hope that maybe the worst is over— for now.

Emergency officials remind everyone to stay off flooded roads both in your car and on foot.

Firefighters in Baltimore County alone responded to 16 calls for people in trouble in the flooding Friday night.

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  1. Kim Calton says:

    The police officer in this video is my son I was wondering if there is any way I could get a copy of this footage?? I would greatly appreciate it.

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