Lawyer: Currie Was ‘Very Sick’ At Time Of FBI Raid

BALTIMORE (AP) — A lawyer for a Maryland state lawmaker awaiting trial on corruption charges says his client was being treated for cancer and given medication that made him “fuzzy” during an FBI investigation three years ago.

Jury selection is scheduled to begin Monday in federal court in Baltimore in the trial of Sen. Ulysses Currie, who is accused of using his influence to benefit a grocery store chain for which he worked as a consultant.

His lawyer, Joseph Evans, said in court Friday that Currie was being treated for prostate cancer during the 2008 raid and was a “very sick patient” at the time. Evans wants to call Currie’s urologist as a witness.

A judge said he would hold a hearing to establish the scope of the doctor’s testimony.

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  • sad

    Okay, if he was that sick and “fuzzy” he should have been too sick to figure out how to use his influence for corruption.
    This argument does not hold water, and after urologic surgery, Senator Currie probably doesn’t hold water either.

  • Mike Bailey

    Total BS …… My dad has gone through months of chemo treatments and he hasn’t rip anyone off….. This guy needs to be behide bars…. He is a CROOK that got caught

  • diamond414x

    Sounds like a “fuzzy” smoke & mirrors defense, to me. Who gives a hoot about his prostate issues & what his urologist has to say; it’s irrelevant. It didn’t stop him from using his influence to curry favors, which is what the charges are against him. He’s a lawmaker & should have known better. No sympathy. Just another lying, crooked politician.

  • Bernard Mc Kernan

    Currie is a black racist & a thief. Do a KFC On his a$$. Fry him!


    Get on with the TRIAL!Medical issues need to be excluded. .this is Criminal Case and not a DISABILITY HEARING!!

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