Thieves Target Air Conditioning Units For Metals

HAGERSTOWN, Md. (AP) — Washington County authorities say thieves are targeting outdoor air conditioning units for their valuable metals.

Police say that since June there have been about two dozen instances of thieves stealing outdoor air conditioning compressor units or stripping them of metals to sell. The Herald-Mail of Hagerstown reports that the metals in the units, including copper and aluminum, can be sold at metal-recycling businesses for several hundred dollars.

Sgt. Chris Weaver of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office says four churches were among the places hit by the thefts. A 30-year-old Hagerstown man, Matthew Robert Howard, was charged in two of the church thefts.

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  • Bill

    The A/C thieves should also be aware that release of refrigerant (R-22) is a Federal crime.

  • CoreF

    And unfortunately if I were to defend my property and home with force Id go to jail.

  • MizFit

    White Collar Crime by White People!!!!!!

  • hugh

    MizFit obviously doesn’t know the definition of White Collar crime.

  • Phillip

    These AC theives need to chill out…

  • Phillip

    Seriously guys, stealing AC’s just isn’t cool…

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