BALTIMORE (WJZ) — There are serious charges against a Baltimore City police officer. He’s accused of leading county police on a drunken high-speed chase and now he’s off the job.

Kai Jackson has the accusations and how the police department is responding.

These charges have put Officer Timothy Smith’s future and career in jeopardy.

Baltimore County police say it happened Friday, Sept. 23, around 2 a.m. on Liberty Road near Lochearn. They say a patrol officer with radar clocked a black Lexus doing 72 in a 35 mile-per-hour zone.

“So the officer immediately, once we heard of these allegations, was suspended,” said Baltimore Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.

Police say the speeding car was driven by Baltimore City police officer Timothy Smith, who’s 25. Investigators say when the patrol officer attempted to stop Smith, he kept going.

In the charging documents, the officer wrote, “The Lexus failed to stop and rapidly accelerated, then crossed over all lanes, cutting in front of several other vehicles.”

They say Smith abruptly stopped his car on Lord Baltimore Drive.

According to charging documents, police say when they finally caught up with him they had to forcibly remove him from his car and place him in handcuffs.

According to charging documents, “Officers found the defendant’s eyes to be glassy and bloodshot and his speech to be slurred.”

Baltimore County Police say they placed Smith under arrest when he failed a field sobriety test.

“He is currently suspended, working administrative duty which means his gun and his badge have been taken away,” Guglielmi said.

Police say Smith is a five-year veteran of the police department.

Comments (66)
  1. PAUL E. MICELLI says:

    Improper SCREENING and quotas put this individual in a position of authority and we see how he acts!! Better Screening and Better Training will result in BETTER OFFICERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. TheRiley says:

      Really, Improper Screening? If he has no past history of doing such things, how can one expect that he will do it?

  2. Enoc says:

    Hope he learned his lesson.

    I’m guessing he’ll get the usual probation & counseling when he goes to court. And that should be plenty.

    I hate corrupt/bad cops as much as anybody, but this young man got caught off duty being a citizen and did the sort of stupidity that people have been known to do in their free time. He got caught, he’ll get his punishment & hopefully he’ll learn from this & better himself.

    Plenty of other 25 year old have done similar or worse and get to move on with their lives.

    1. JQP says:

      If your excuse for him is that his youth is a factor in his ability to make rational decisions, then perhaps he shouldn’t be carrying a gun and given the responsibility of protecting the citizens.

    2. Mr. Right says:

      yeah, your a good man! in this life we all have made bad decisions. and some of them cost us a little and some have cost us dearly I just hope this young man learns from his mistakes and can recover and get back on his feet and use this incident to remember what it is like to be on the other side and if he is ever re-instated he can extend some mercy to some one else! because every one deserves a second chance! even police!

      1. Not even a little bit. says:

        Yes, certainly they gave Officer Tshamba a second chance, and just look what he did with it.

  3. Ernie says:

    72 MPH on Liberty road is excessive. However 60 or 65 MPH is nothing unusual. Especially in that part of town.

  4. dont shoot me just scratching my mass says:

    Police officer or no police officer that wasnt normal behaviour by any measure of imagination.

  5. KottaMan says:

    No excuse for the Officer’s actions. Let the chips fall where they may.

  6. Sylvan Finkelstein says:


    1. TheRiley says:

      Not all of them are criminals. He was just out being a citizen and he did what most dumb citizens do after they’re drunk, they drive.

      1. Fed up with low character says:

        Well, he ISN’T like every other citizen. He is held to a higher standard, and if he can’t behave himself while he’s not wearing his badge, then I have serious concerns about whether or not he is capable of self control when he is.

        …and let’s not forget, he was also carrying a gun, right?

        Police officers should sign a sobriety contract. You are no more able to maintain your decorum while drunk then you are while high on any other drug. You want to be the hero, act like one.

      2. Steve says:

        So now you want to regulate what cops and public servants can and can’t do while on their own time- Fed up? Why not require them to wear a camera on their time off so you can scrutinize what they do at every given moment. Let’s not forget that police officers are also human being and are not going to be perfect like you at every given point in their lives. The police departments policy needs to be revamped with allowing officers to carry while out drinking if for anything as a protective measure for the department against law suites. However, restricting what they can do on their time off is nothing more than restricting their civil liberties and rights.

      3. Fed up, etc.. says:

        No, it is not restricting their civil liberties if they agree to sign the contract as a condition of their employment. And, Steve, my family is comprised mostly of police officers. Here is what I respect the most about them: they made a conscious decision to exhibit good character regardless of whether or not they were wearing a badge…only a person who walks the walk would be able to sign such a contract and, personally, if you can’t live by that, then you shouldn’t be a cop. I expect more from people. I expect more from those hired to protect me. You don’t have to like it.

      4. No longer taking you seriously says:

        Steve, I just saw the part of your comment that says that the police dept. needs to revamp their policy with regard to carrying while drinking to avoid law suits…LOLOL!!!! RIGHT THERE…that is where you are. Never mind that an off-duty officer who is drunk and carrying a gun could (and HAS) kill someone…we just don’t want those law suits. LOLOL!!!! WOW….awesome.

      5. TheRiley says:

        Fed up, please check your facts before you post. It was never reported that he was carrying his service weapon.
        Yes, he’s held to a higher standard, and he is guilty of not using his brain regarding alcohol consumption. But off duty, he is a citizen, and is free to do what a citizen wants to do. Period.

      6. Steve says:

        Fed up, I get all that. The issue I have is the more restrictive you begin to make that contract, the less and less attractive the position becomes to qualified candidates. Requiring a “sobriety contract” is absurd. The general policy provisions allow officers to be human on their time off with exemptions of the obvious nature with regards to committing a criminal act. The public that cries out about this incident and attempts to build it in to something that it is not are the problem. The officer is going to be dealt with, that is a given.

      7. Fed up... says:

        EXACTLY my point! We, as a society, should never lower our standards because potential candidates want to engage in activity that induces one to behave in any other way than that which is honorable. If you want to go to extremes (a la “cameras on their person while off duty”), then let’s look at your extreme: we are supposed to be ok with cops that snort coke off duty because it makes the job more attractive? Come on, Steve, think. Tshamba killed a marine and it wasn’t the first time he had been in trouble for the same activity…he was DRUNK. Yeah, I think drinking is stupid. I think cops drinking is dishonorable. OH, right, I shouldn’t expect people to strive for perfection. I see.

      8. Steve says:

        Taking you seriously…my, my, my, it’s like a romper room full of illiteracy. Re-read, then comment, maybe seek someone to help you comprehend what is being written because you are missing it. Good luck.

      9. Fed up says:

        Awww…we finally come to the end of your ability to argue a point before you start attacking spelling and grammar in an informal comment forum. Feel better? LOL!!!

      10. Fed up says:

        TheRiley, Baltimore City cops are generally required to carry while off-duty. I know this for a fact. You can argue for the sake of arguing and making a point about the particulars given in the above article, but the fact remains, BCP are generally required to carry while off duty, ergo, he was packing.

      11. TheRiley says:

        FedUp, however guilty he may be (which, yes, we know he committed serious offenses and will be penalized for it), it was never reported. You can’t go off of assumptions, and off duty officers ARE NOT REQUIRED to carry. it is only recommended, that they do. However, all Police Officers are warned never to carry when consuming alcohol or when going to an establishment with the intent of consuming alcohol, UNLESS the officer is at that location while ON DUTY and not consuming alcohol. The commissioner has been pushing for new policies requiring officers not to carry off duty when drinking is involved but it’s apparently not that easy to put into effect.

      12. Keith Johnson says:

        Fed Up,
        If a police officer cannot drink off duty because of a higher standard then no teacher, doctor, lawyer, judge, social worker, congressmen, or any other person who society should or does look up to should be able to drink.
        The issues of character will always happen. It affects all professions. However, law enforcement officers are held to a higher standard than everyone else. They are not allowed to make mistakes. If law enforcement officers are to be so highly regarded why is it there standard of living, salary, etc is not above others. I think the simple answers is law enforcement is only important when someone needs them or when messes up.

      13. Fed Up says:

        I agree 100%, those people who voluntarily take jobs wherein their character and actions are under constant scrutiny should absolutely abstain from consuming substances that impair their judgment. I think it should be part of who they are, rather than having to force it on them..and if it is part of who they are, then they should have no problem making a promise to behave appropriately. It’s like this, if you have nothing to be ashamed of, then you have no reason to hide what you’re doing. If you’re not an alcoholic, then you should have no problem abstaining from alcohol.

        This story is right in line with the drunk teenagers involved in the rape situation. Alcohol is the problem. Role models like is guy and everyne making excuses for drinking, and all the people saying it’s OK for some of us, make it clear that alcohol is NO BIG DEAL…. just look where it gets you. …and by the way, just because I don’t drink and I don’t think it is OK to drink (face it, it makes people stupid and smelly and loud) doesn’t mean I think I’m perfect or that I don’t have my own failings, but none of my failings put the lives of other people in danger…just their stomachs (as they are mostly unfortunate choices in flavor combinations when cooking).

      14. DOCSRUS says:

        I dont know who youve been associating with but normal citizens dont try to outrun law enforcement. Maybe he was mixing crack with his booze?

  7. BCPD says:

    HAHAHAH! Let the comments begin!

  8. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    Another example of an abuse of power. This individual is most likely a minority hire who passed over other candidates for the position & has serious character flaws. Minority hire in a city like Balto. which is predominately black I don’t understand but then again BCPD is archaic & run very unprofessional from the top on down.

    1. TheRiley says:

      Whoa, whoa, Minority Hire? Character flaws? Unprofessional? How would you know if BCPD is run unprofessionally? Have you been employed there before? No? Ok then, you have no right to say such things.

      1. sheriff says:

        When the police force recruits no U.S.citizens, Puerto Ricans over Caucasians, I speak the facts. You on the other hand are in denial chump.

      2. Sherriff Troll says:

        Never mind that Puerto Rico is part of the US and Peurto Ricans are American. Passing over qualified non-white candidates would be ideal, huh Sheriff? Your insanity has been confirmed.

      3. Honesty says:

        Do you see where the thin blue line has backfired? Handle your business publicly, swiftly and firmly, and the people of this city MIGHT start to trust you. Put the stickers that say, “To Protect & Serve” back on the cars and then act accordingly, then you MIGHT be able to get citizens to work with you. Until then, it’s the same old story and people view you just like they do the Catholic Church… hide your dirty laundry and protect your own. You have to earn trust and the BCPD has not been doing that very well lately.

      4. TheRiley says:

        Hmm… I agree with you Honesty.

    2. Minority hire??? says:

      Another example that the racist mind has no sense of logic

      1. sheriff says:

        Sheriff Troll, Puerto Rico is a commonwealth & not a state therefore they are not U.S.citizens. There are 48 continental states plus Alaska & hawaii totalling 50.
        I know it’s difficult reading in your double wide trailer in Glen Burnie but you fool please put down the beer & pick up a book on geography & civics.

      2. TheRiley says:

        I expected you to drop in with your racist comment as soon as you found out he was a AA. Yet, you remained surprisingly quiet when it came to the White middle aged guy dating a 14 year old girl. Sheriff, what’s your logic? Are you just bashing everyone that’s not white? Just cuz it’s white, doesn’t mean it’s right.

    3. Steve says:

      Bernard, please explain your comments of this being an abuse of power? Was he arresting anyone or on the job? He was not in an official capacity performing his function as a police officer.

      1. t r 0 11 alert says:

        FYI: Bernard and Sheriff are the same t r o l l. Don’t bother responding.

      2. WHAT!?! says:

        wait wait wait…… let me get this straight, drunk driving is a CRIME, right? and evading arrest is a…what’s that word? CRIME, right? so, you are saying that as long as he isn’t a criminal while on duty, it’s OK? huh? ARE YOU NUTS?

        He could have killed someone! He put the lives of everyone else on the road at RISK! That is NOT O.K. It’s not acceptable and it is NOT appropriate behavior for a Police Officer. EVER. Just because you want to ease your conscience for your lack of self control doesn’t make it right or OK.

        If your 6 month old little girl were killed by this self-centered criminal, you would ALL be screaming for blood, so don’t sit there and excuse him “‘cuz he’s young and off duty”…. what on earth are you people thinking????

      3. Steve says:

        What!?!, no one is arguing the fact that what he did was a crime. The argument, just to clarify because you have missed it, was the statement of his “abuse of power” as stated by Bernard a few posts above. He did the crime and will do the time and the BCPD will most likely fire him for it.

      4. What!?! says:

        So, based on every comment you have made so far, this is all OK with you. You haven’t said one word to express outrage at this behavior. It’s all good if he isn’t on the job. Steve, step up, son. Be better, don’t excuse failure or attack those who find this person to be despicable. Clearly, people are angry because we keep hearing what yet another BCPD rep has done to break the law. A cop. Breaking the law. Why defend him?

      5. Steve says:

        Your reading and comprehension skills are startling. Again, no one said it was okay, the claim to be some abuse of power during the time that the officer is off duty is what is being argued. What was done is done by hundreds of thousands of people on a daily basis. He was drunk and made a stupid decision which will no doubt effect his future and employment. Outrage? Really? What is more outrageous is that this happens on a daily basis by loads and loads of citizens and the only time I see anyone get “outraged” by it is when an officer is involved in it. That is what is outraging.

      6. WHAT!?! says:

        Sorry, Steve, you did say something to acknowledge what the “officer” did was wrong….then you swiftly swept that aside to make a point about something Bernard (aka sheriff, et al) said… and, let me clarify…my comment was in response the implication of your comment that we shouldn’t expect him to behave appropriately because he was off duty. K?

      7. right, I see says:

        Really? Have you ever read this forum before? You didn’t see outrage at the girls who beat Chrissy Polis in McDonalds? You didn’t see outrage at the guy who stabbed his baby in the neck? You are clearly a cop, and attacking my reading and comprehension levels is indicative low character, desperation and dishonor. You are a shining example of the BCPD.. Keep up the “good work”.

  9. GEO says:

    Place him among the ranks of the unemployed.

    1. TheRiley says:

      He soon will be. He committed two crimes, so he will face jail time and will be terminated soon enough.

  10. Leonard says:

    I remember being 21 years old when I was highered as a security gaurd for the DOD. I loved hip hop music and rarely missed a concert when they came to town. I remember taking my younger brother to his first concert which I decided would be my last. My job required me to take regular drug tests and I didn’t want to risk a contact ruining my career. I’m sorry but at 25 years old this guy especially being a policeman has to know better. In this day and age I can’t understand anyone risking their career doing something stupid on or off of the clock. It’s not like jobs with benefits, a retirement plan, decent pay, and room for promotion come a dime a dozen these days. If he’s not fired he better learn that badge must also be respected by they who wear it as well!

    1. Mike says:

      You were highered as a security guard. hehe

  11. SMC says:

    Dumb move, but I don’t think this young man’s future and career should suffer. He should be placed on probabtion and repremanded accordingly. Many times one mistake like this is all it takes to change poor social behavior. We have enough unemployed black men in our city, we don’t need another.

    1. really? says:

      yeah…and in two or three years when he shoots a marine 12 times, we’ll say we told you so.

  12. not surprised says:

    I can’t really say I’m surprised because I’ve driven on Liberty Rd plenty of times and those fools are always driving reckless.But this officer’s career shouldn’t be i jeopardy because of a mistake he made off the clock.Yes it was wrong and I agree,but people drive drunk all the time,especially those in their early to late 20’s.He’ll learn,he’s young and on a decent path considering he actually has a job.We all need to learn to stop judging one is perfect.

    1. TheRiley says:

      Drunk driving is a serious offense. He could’ve killed someone. His career will suffer, isn’t drunk driving a felony? Evading police is also a felony if i’m not mistaken.

      1. not surprised says:

        Lol your correct and you know you are,TheRiley,but as I stated in my comment…no one is perfect.He made a mistake,and yes he could have killed someone,and he could have done countless others things,but the fact is he didn’t.So can we stick to the facts please,& not exaggerate this story any further than what WJZ probally has.There are soo many Baltimore City Police officers that do far worst whether in uniform or not so what are saying? You dont have to try to argue with me, I understand your point but I’m just not closed minded.

  13. Phillip says:

    He sure took the fast lane to prison!

  14. ItsNotThatBad says:

    WoW, look at all the Rocket Scientists with backdoor names…

  15. cHARMcity says:

    Why is he a criminal because he drank and drive… ?? He should have knew better… The problem is they think they are untouchable… to tell the truth while this guy officer or not was speeding doen the street doing no harm to anyone… I bet a crime was committed right near by… They need to be cops… instead of crossing gaurds… maybe they will catch real criminals.

    1. DOCSRUS says:

      Yah, hes a criminal because its a crime to do drugs and drive and he did drugs and drove.

      Thats one of the few intelligent laws that we have on the books.

  16. sheriff says:

    Charm city, Are you sure you weren’t drinking when you wrote this piece? Get word spell man!

  17. whatnow says:

    How does a 25 year old cop afford a Lexus?

    1. seuss says:

      I am more then sure it is not a 2011 or 2012 Lexus more then sure it is a used Lexus.

  18. Lovelife365 says:

    It’s none of your damn business what year his car is or whether or not he can afford the car, Whatnow and Seuss, and people by all means don’t believe EVERYTHING you read! I really hate media at time information is always slanted to one side. It amazes me how some many of you are quick to pass judgement. If he made the mistake let him be punished justly but if he didn’t (which I know for a fact the story has been grossly exaggerated) I hope the truth will come out! I know this man personally, he is a great father, wonderful football coach and great officer.

    1. sheriff says:

      Lovelife365, May I add to that list of extraodinary achievements he is also a GREAT DRUNK!…….What’s your deal, Is he Boning you too?

  19. Buck V says:

    He is a liabilty and will be terminated. Lexus for sale?

  20. gerald says:

    Some of these comment are why this city is an EPIC FAIL . He is a cop officer of the court when they break the law the shpuld be held to a higher standard young or not you know that you are wrong. We are citizens so lets drop the arguement but even a off duty cop should be held MORE ACOOUNTABLE THEN joe citizen. all the law enforcement people on here ( you are so Obvious) defending this position I wander what your superiors would think of you taken these ridiculous conditions. Its the BCPD so we know that it will be swept under the rug. Cant wait to leave this dirty corrupt ridiculous city

  21. ask me now says:

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