By Mike Schuh

PIKESVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — In a usually quiet section of Pikesville, there was a brutal attack. When it was over, an elderly man limped inside his apartment building looking for help.

Mike Schuh has details.

The victim had walked down the steps to his apartment’s garage countless times before, but Monday afternoon, someone was waiting—with a hammer.

Those who live in the co-ops at 11 Slade say they can’t remember such a crime.

“It makes me frustrated and angry, very angry,” said Steve Millison.

It happened at dusk in the stairway leading down to the garage.

“That, as he walked into the stairwell from the parking lot of the building, he was approached by a man asking for money,” said Detective Cathy Batten, Baltimore County Police.

When the 80-year-old man refused, the man pulled out a weapon.

“And when he did not provide the man with the money, the suspect struck him in the head and arm with a hammer,” Batten said.

Other items were stolen and the victim was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries.

Millison is wary about the area where his neighbor was attacked.

“Every night when I park my car back there and walk from my car back into the building, I was waiting [and] very alert,” he said. “It’s not safe anywhere.”

Though they asked us to leave the property, the co-op board president said that they do have security there and a man was spotted earlier lingering about and they called police.

“Our officers did respond earlier in the day and located a man loitering in the lot. We interviewed him to see whether he was connected to this incident, which is still under investigation,” Batten said.

Police won’t say if any security cameras caught a glimpse of the bad guy, but it has caught the attention of those who live in these 130 units.

“It’s just sad and it’s not going to change,” Millison said.

The co-op manager says the assailant never made it into the building.

Baltimore County Police say there is a Crimestoppers reward offered for this case.

Comments (32)
  1. cHARMcity says:

    punk@ss… coward… nothing left to say…

  2. PAUL E. MICELLI says:

    LIFE IN THE BIG CITY!!. . .Watch what happen’s to the SLIME BALL when it is caught, curious to see the PENALTY for this Crime!! WHAT kind of plea defense to be used in CRIMINAL COURT?? INTERESTING to follow in the “NEWS MEDIA”.

  3. Charles says:

    The punk picked an ederly person that could not defend himself. So typical, the thug must have the advantage before making his move. Nothing more than a coward…..period.

  4. terranovas says:

    All for money? Did the perpetrator ever consider that the consequence of his action? Again, our economy’s to blame. It’s better to improve and prepare ourselves for anything worse that might come.

    1. Will says:

      Stop with using the economy as an excuse – it’s not the reason.

  5. CoreF says:

    And the problem with our country is that if the victim was to defend his or herself and end the attackers life they’d end up in prison

  6. Leonard says:

    I don’t care what the race of this character is. Anyone who preys on the defenseless is vermin and needs to be exterminated from our society. And make the jail like Chris Rock once said. “Give em one meal a day! Dinner! and I don’t mean a regular dinner, put a couw out in the courtyard and whatever happens, happens!

  7. Watch Me says:

    Call me insane, but here’s what I’m going to do:

    I’m going to dress in “old man’s clothes”, walk slowly in the back parking lot, hunched over and leaning on my cane.

    When the perp approaches and demands my money, I’m going to “stand up straight”, lift my cane, and BEAT THE LIVING S#!T OUT OF HIM.

    Problem solved. Live long, old man.

    1. Leonard says:

      Tell me when and where I have an aluminum bat and I’m curious how low lifes who beat on old men react when their knee caps are shattered, and the hand he held the hammer with smashed beyond repair broken ribs and collar bones and having to suck on soup for months with his broken jaw wired shut.

  8. Leonard D Harris says:

    I have three question all answers even if they are meant to offend will be respected, just bear in mind it’s hard to offend me.
    Would this crime be equally as disgusting if it were a young white male strung out on crystal meth beating a black 80 year old retired doctor, an elderly black woman or an elderly white woman? Is being disgusted with the nature of the crime indicative of being in denial of issues concerning the people of my race? Is it possible growing up outside of an Army Base being friends with many races and cultural background cause a person to see race as irrelivant?

    1. sheriff says:

      Leonard , Black/ white beating an elderly person no matter the color is disgusting but i get so sick of seeing this Black on black thug culture committing the crimes. Everyday it’s in the news media & they are always Black. If I were a black man I would move the hell out of any easter city & go out west where it is more tolerated. It is the urban ghetto trash that just keeps recycling it’s problems that is upsetting.

    2. Colleen Knight says:

      Why should it matter what race, color, creed, religion, political veiw point, etc. etc. The person that commited this crime was against another human and that is what we all are, well with the exception of the criminal, is also a monster and animal! The way I see it, we are all the same, regardless of what I listed above. Crimes are commited everyday, everywhere, by and to ever race, color, creed, religion and political veiw, also young and old, male, female, rich and poor, single, married and divorced or widowed. I don’t understand why this is an issue, someone commited this crime on another fellow human being and that is how I look at it. I don’t give a rats butt about the rest of it. I think the punishment should be the same as I stated here earlier! Crimes like this are disgusting regardless of the background of the person that commited it or to whom it happens to. Every article I read has the same racial remarks and it really ticks me off. I really dislike HATRED. I am not a religious person, far from it, but maybe some of us need to start reading the bible if for nothing more, a guide as to whats right and whats wrong! Because this is wrong.

  9. Colleen Knight says:

    Hmmm, I think that stoning should be a punishment for crimes like this, along with murders, sex crimes, etc. I think it would make for a great deterent!

    1. Oy says:

      That would make us just as bad as those who commit the crimes. We don’t have the right to end someone’s life. We already have the death penalty….and if that doesn’t stop things like this, why would you think cruel and unusual punishment (which is against the Constitution) would?

      1. Therealworld-welcome2it says:

        Sorry Oy, your position is incorrect, the death penalty is a joke, what, someone commits a crime and if convicted gets three squares a day and twenty years at least to drain more money from the system and appeal after appeal goes through with the same outcome, if there were stricter punishments for crimes like these they would not happen, period. As far as it making us as bad as them, well, i guess that needs to happen, in case you haven’t noticed people are getting worse, not better, open your eyes azz hat, that bible aint gonna save you, take a walk in the real world.

  10. Leonard says:

    Sheriff honestly the I can speak fr the majority of the black people I know some actually in law enforcement with spotless records and one actually seen on this network for his fine work. We feel the same way as you do. It sicken me when I see a young black male I place in my lazy pootbutt catagory riding in the passenger seat of some girls car (Many times white) knowing good and damn well he’s not working with his pants on the ground.

    Bernard McKernan
    Where I live is a mix and is not predominatel any race other thaan my south of the border buddies if you catch my drift. You may never agree with what I’m going to say but buttwipes are equally spread out among all of the races. If you have more of one race thn the other they will be the main offenders in that area. I bet if you and I sat daow to chat you would find we have more in common that are different.
    If you read this book by it’s cover you’d see a big bald peirced, tatooded whatever you’d call an old hooligan even though I am not any of that. I’m married work for the government for 22 years now, am the father of 7, 5 of which are born or worthless deadbeat dads and 2 from me. But not a penny of your tax dollars went to any of mine. Yes there are mny worthless bums but they come in every color God made.

  11. cHARMcity says:

    I got an idea….!!!! How about all you people voice these comments to the black youth… or maybe their parents… (in person)… oh I forgot you are cowards just like the coward who attacked this poor man… all you do is post remarks you are too scared to say to a black man such as myself…

    1. cHARMcity says:

      so kick rocks!!!

    2. sheriff says:

      Charm city, You can’t argue or debate with an ignorant arrogant person or they will either kill you or lower you to their own level. Black youths need a Father & Mother that will be their moral compass. Black children didn’t ask to be born by crazy hormone driven women but as long as they show up in the hood baby they had better learn the rules of society. Even a monkey will listen if you give them a banana.

    3. willie says:

      Charm city, I’ll send you a “word spell” program so you can use it when posting from your cave ok?

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