By Mike Hellgren

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — Gary Giordano’s criminal background has come under scrutiny since his friend disappeared in Aruba.

Mike Hellgren spoke to a Maryland detective — who once arrested him — for fresh insight into the man generating headlines worldwide.

Before Giordano was known around the world in connection with the disappearance of his lover, Robyn Gardner, in Aruba, Detective David Hill arrested him for stealing electronics from a Target in Montgomery County.

“Some people try to take you down a different road as opposed to where the case is leading. He didn’t take us in a different direction,” Hill said.

Hill says other police agencies have now asked him about the theft investigation. Giordano was convicted but served no jail time.

“I knew that questions would be asked and people would want to know what he was about and what he was doing in the past,” Hill said.

Prosecutors in Aruba say they believe Giordano killed Gardner—both are from Maryland—but after many searches and even re-enactments, they have no concrete evidence so his past has become part of the present investigation, including allegations of domestic violence and his purchase of a $1.5 million insurance policy on Gardner.

“He was easygoing with us,” Hill said. “He came across as an intelligent person.”

One former neighbor who wanted her identity concealed said the theft earned Giordano a nickname in the neighborhood.

“The Target bandit,” she said. “I warned my children, keep away from people like this.”

“I wouldn’t say I was surprised [he made headlines again],” Hill said.

Giordano continues to profess his innocence, saying he did nothing to harm Gardner.

Giordano has not been charged and claims Gardner drowned while snorkeling. He’s hired the same attorney who defended Casey Anthony against murder charges to represent him.

Comments (5)
  1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    I believe he had a hand in her disappearance but I also think his civil rights are being violated & now they are nit picking under various disguises to hold hiim. Aruban law is sketchy but if they release him, & take his passport, where can he go? Even if he got back into the U.S. we have a treaty with Aruba. Charge him or release him.

  2. Wrong, No Matter How You Slice It says:

    After following this story for weeks and weeks, I am completely “ashamed” of my country’s involvement with this pathetic “investigation”. Aruban officials have been holding this man (without cause) for one Hell of a long time. Their basis for his arrest and detainment is “suspected wrong-doing”. Shame on the system that holds a suspect that has not been charged, and holds that suspect while it searches for something to charge him with. I would expect more moral integrity from the KGB. And, forgive the rant, but since when does the FBI investigate a US citizen (in cooperation with a “legal system” of Aruba’s caliber) without so much as a shred of evidence to substantiate the investigation. “Civil rights are being violated” ??? How about calling a spade a spade…Our FBI is willingly participating in an act of “communism” gainst an American citizen, and using our tax dollars to do it.
    If there was any evidence uncovered in the first few days, I might feel differently. However, this is simply not the case. I will continue to follow this case with great interest, when he is released and returns to the US. His attorney will need the help of several assisting attornies to file suit against the FBI for “wrongful investigation of a US Citizen”. This is, of couse, assuming that he “makes it back to the US”.

  3. DDONE says:

    Bernard – I noticed that you have a racial commment like coon or jitterbug on various articles published by the SUN if you think it is a black person. In this particular article, there’s a white person accused of a crime (no racial comment). Are you a racist or what? People like you are part of the problem with race relations in this country. Stop the racist comments.

    1. sheriff says:

      Would it make you feel better DDOONE if I said a WHITE MAN? Afterall his picture has been smeared all over the papers from day one while I & thousands of others see headlines of BLACK on black or on white crime everyday & there pictures rarely in the news. 99% of the crime in the Balto area is committed by Black thugs 13 yrs to 30 & it is so common people don’t even complain anymore. I call it like I see it & I’ll exercise my 1st amendment rights so up yours & you can do the same.

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