By Mary Bubala

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Controversy over a kiss. An actress who flew out of BWI Monday is calling for a boycott of Southwest Airlines. Mary Bubala reports she says she was taken off the flight for kissing her girlfriend.

The kiss took place on a Southwest flight from BWI to Saint Louis on Monday. Actress Leisha Hailey, a lesbian who starred in Showtime’s “The L Word” and more recently was seen in a role on “CSI,” says she was escorted off the flight for kissing her girlfriend and then getting upset with a flight attendant who told her to stop.

On Twitter, Hailey says the flight attendant called it a “family airline.” Hailey says Southwest discriminated against her simply for showing affection toward someone she loves.

But Southwest Airlines says passengers described the kiss as not just a peck but as “excessive.”

Southwest, which has a webpage devoted to gay travel, says it approached the actress based solely on behavior and not gender.

Tuesday, a lesbian couple traveling Southwest say they are upset with how the airline handled it.

“I don’t think there should be excessive public affection between males, females, two females, two males. A kiss is a kiss but don’t go overboard,” said Tracye Henderson.

“If it was an appropriate kiss for a man and a women, then it was an appropriate kiss for a female and a female if they are a couple. If it was inappropriate regardless, then it was inappropriate,” said Ronica Farrar.

Hailey says she has video of the exchange with the flight attendant. She says she plans to file a formal complaint with the airline.

Comments (14)
  1. Disgusted says:

    Good! Keep it in the bedroom.

  2. Mr. Right says:

    Just wait here comes another Gay victim story

  3. colliemom says:

    Boycott Southwest? Heck, I’ll go out of my way to buy tickets on their airline! I want to fly with a company that ensures their customers are not subjected to indecent clothes, overtly sexual behavior in public and other problems.

  4. JQP says:

    You know, I don’t care if people who a in love share a peck. It doesn’t bother me in the least…well,to be fair and completely honest, two guys sharing a peck might make me cringe a little, but hey…I share a peck with my husband and I would be outraged if I were to be escorted off of a plain for that.

    HOWEVER, if two people are making out, slopping all over each other, I don’t care what your orientation, SAVE IT FOR THE BEDROOM!

    Personally, if this woman was getting her freak on with her partner, she is doing a HUGE disservice to the $exually alternative communities. If you want to be taken seriously, then behave in a way that encourages respect. Honestly, grow up.

    1. again with the typos...sorry says:

      *are* in love

  5. disgusted says:

    GIRL? A GIRL is under 18.
    Withall you sickening breeders slobbering all over each other I would think it respite to have two females showing affection. At least there won’t be a state-funded waste of space popping out 9 months later!

    1. Mr. Right says:

      You are Sooooo! right spit and $h_T don’t make baby’s! This is a stunt to further the Gay agenda I smell a rat and something just aint right (a A.C.L.U rat.)

  6. Bye Bye says:

    All this alternative lifestyle behavior by whites is what is causing the numbers of white people to diminish greatly all over the world. White women are so selfish that they put off, or completely block having children due to selfish desires to have “better lifestyles.” Things like careers, higher education, bar hopping, being party gilrs, or just engaing in girl-girl relationships due to their excessive anti-maleness is what is going to help make whites completely disappear. It’s not breeding with other races, but just not having children at all that is what will destroy the white race. Look around Maryland: where are all the white children? Answer? They we’re never born due to the above types of altrenative white cultures.

  7. Billy Yesko says:

    See, I think it’s terrible that people like this give the rest of the GLBT community a bad name. And to all the people that think this is a “gay victim” story, yes, we are treated differently compared to other people and you wouldn’t understand because you’ve never walked a mile in my shoes, and I haven’t walked a mile in yours. BUT… We are NOT all “like this” and stereotyping a whole mass of people based on what some of us are like IS wrong, no matter who it is about.

    1. Mr. Right says:

      oh. really? Treated diffidently? have you ever walked though a department store and had some “popcorn” security guard following you around because he wanted to get the ‘flashlight’ of the year award?
      Or been diving in your car and pulled over by the police for DWB and the police claimed that your (pinto ) car meant the description of a stolen U-haul ?
      Or lets go back in history and see if your race was targeted for sterilization or extermination “Our goal is to exterminate the black race the same way we get rid of weeds!” Margret Sanger (founder of Planned Parenthood) and her legacy still lives on! and millions of blacks are still being killed in the womb and at the hands of each other!
      How about the so-called (black) leaders the Jesse “the Jerk “Jackson And Al “The shyster” Sharpton leaders pandering to (PPH) and every other organisation that is antithetical to the (Black) community while contributing to the extermination of their own race,the bottom line is you can be gay and white and no one will bother you; but you can be black and rich and you will always pulled over For (DWB), stopped and frisked thrown on the ground by the police or some renta jerk who wants to get that “jerk at work award”
      Now that’s different so different treatment for you a$$!

  8. maikla says:

    You people should pool your money and buy your own transportation then the problem would be solved !!

  9. not gay says:

    These “special people” always want special treatment

  10. susan says:

    There was a time when public displays of affection were not considered appropriate……….. when did that change? A quick kiss or hug to greet or say good bye would not have resulted in this. Perhaps the problem is that because she is a “star” on TV she thinks she should be allowed to behave How she wants, When she wants and Where she wants… how about MY desire not to be subjected to someone elses personal life? i Say GO SOUTHWEST!

  11. Fed Up Fed Up says:

    All “special” groups expect special treatment. We live in a country that has spoiled and pampered “special groups” for a very long time. Trillions and trillons of $$$$ has been spent to pamper “special people”.

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