PASADENA, Md. (WJZ)– A disturbing discovery at an Anne Arundel County community leaves neighbors outraged.

As Gigi Barnett explains, it’s also the county executive’s neighborhood.

The sign near the recreation area in the Elizabeth’s Landing community usually welcomes neighbors and visitors.

For the last two days, it’s been an eyesore. Someone spraypainted the “n” word on the sign.

“You don’t want to drive by here and look at that word. You know, nobody does,” said one person.

The racial slur is also on the jungle gym in the community’s park. So neighbors called the Homeowners Association (HOA) Office. It promised to take care of the problem in a couple of days. That wasn’t fast enough for neighbors like Jani Lee and Sara.

“We walk home from school going this way, and it was right there where my children can see it,” Lee said.

So Sara’s husband spray-painted over the word.

“My husband is African-American, I have two bi-racial children that I’m pregnant with. It’s upsetting. I can’t believe this stuff still goes on,” she said.

WJZ contacted the HOA office, and then called. There was no response.

Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold lives a few blocks away from the sign. He heard about the sign, too and made a visit the HOA office, and also filed a hate crimes report.

Reporter: “What is a reasonable time that the HOA should get to this?”
Leopold: “As soon as possible. Take care of it right away.”

And while Leopold filed a hate crimes report, police say because it doesn’t target a neighbor specifically, it does not fall in that category.

WJZ contacted the HOA office again. It never returned our phone calls.

Comments (17)
  1. ????? says:

    I find it hard to believe that the person in this story is upset that this stuff goes on. When she her self made it clear her status with two biracial children. It is like all she sees is a world of color

  2. whatnow says:

    The truth is this community was once nice but is no more! Make of that what you want, paint any negative label on it that makes you feel better. But it is the truth.

  3. Willy says:

    The person(s) who sprayed painted that are the same person(s) of that name who did it is my guess.

  4. Sharon says:

    To the SHERIFF & ????, both of you need to crawl back into the hole you crawled out of OR go back to IGNORANT VILLE. Remember, this is America and we are all Americans whether you like it or not and yes, this is a world of different people of different colors. Get over yourselves. I agree with C/mon son !!!! both of you are really confused, hateful, racist and sad people.

    1. trap...don't fall for it says:

      hon, they are paid by wjz to bait you into a fight…you check back more, advertisers pay wjz perr hit… see? scam. Willie, sheriff, Bernard mcKernan, et al…they rare tr0lz.

      cheers, mate

  5. ????? says:

    It is amazing how these people can ignore facts and hope that someone would die.
    Kinda shows where the problems in the area originates

  6. the truth says:

    Elizabeth Landing when built back in the 80’s not that long ago was beautiful. Too many marginal low character people moved in during the 2000’s. Shame, now the Buzzards will pick it clean when Leopold moves out.

  7. Stipidity Rules says:

    You all can deny the truth which is entitlements and give aways have ruined this country no matter who is recieving them. Throwing money at a problem will never resolve iy. Change comes from within.

  8. Roland Udich says:

    Have you ever seen a robin and an oriole make a babay? both look the same inside and out so are the birds more inteligent than humans…….oh and if you put 2 fish like a brown clown and an orange clown in a fish tank together guess what they will fight till death just because they look differant. besides racial problems are mainly in the united states

  9. Another Parent says:

    I’m sorry to say, but kids probably put it there in the first place.

  10. sheriff says:

    Seramie, Too bad U won’t find out dic head N. lover. Wait until one bops you or a loved one one day……The sign? The Blacks did it themselves so people will move & they can party.

  11. sheriff says:

    C’mon son!!!. Stop with the Uncle Tom or Bill Cosby philosophy.

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