Once again it’s time for our Scott Garceau Show Weekly picks. Week 4 of the NFL schedule brings with it some great match ups. See who the show picked.






—————————-Scott       Jeremy      Justin

Panthers at Bears         Bears      Bears          Bears

Bills at Bengals             Bengals   Bengals      Bills

Titans at Browns          Browns   Browns      Browns

Lions at Cowboys          Cowboys Cowboys   Lions

Steelers at Texans         Texans    Texans      Texans

Saints at Jaguars           Saints     Saints       Saints

Vikings at Chiefs            Vikings   Vikings     Chiefs

49ers at Eagles               Eagles      Eagles      Eagles

Redskins at Rams         Redskins   Rams       Redskins

Giants at Cardinals       Cardinals Cardinals Giants

Falcons at Seahawks     Falcons     Falcons     Falcons

Broncos at Packers        Packers    Packers     Packers

Patriots at Raiders        Patriots    Patriots     Raiders

Dolphins at Chargers     Chargers  Chargers   Chargers

Jets at Ravens                 Ravens      Ravens      Ravens

Colts at Bucs                    Bucs          Bucs          Bucs


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