I will preface today’s blog by stating that I’m thrilled that the Ravens are 3-1.  Winning that game against the Jets is a huge statement and its the kind of a victory that allows a team to eventually host playoff games not go on the road.  That said, if the Ravens want to win the Super Bowl, they need to figure out how to get Joe Flacco more consistent.  He’s played four games this season.  Two really good and two really bad.  I’ll give Rex Ryan and his Jets defense some of the credit but Joe has to be accountable for this.  It’s great that Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs, Haloti Ngata, and company showed up in a big way.  They need Joe and the offense to be better than that though if they want to play in Indy in February

  1. John says:

    I agree that Joe Flacco needs to improve consistency. I think this could be hellped by accepting where he is at the present time and where the team is at the present time. Joe is not able to consistently carry the offense. The offense needs a balance of run and pass at the present time. Whevever the offense starts passing too much bad things happen. Whevever the team runs too often no points are scored. It takes balance to be effective.

    I also feel that Cam and Flacco are not quite on the same page and this in part contributes to some of the inconsistency problems.

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