WOODLAWN, Md. (WJZ)—Police make an arrest in the shooting of a worker near the Social Security Headquarters in Baltimore County.

Jessica Kartalija has new details on the man charged in this case.

The gunshot victim was brought to Sinai Hospital while the suspect sits behind bars. At last check, the victim is recovering at Sinai and is in fair condition.

Robbed at random and then shot. A suspect description lead police to Gary Stokes, 25. He has been charged with multiple crimes, including attempted first-degree murder.

Charging documents obtained by WJZ identify the victim as Obie Blackmon, an employee at the Social Security Administration.

Blackmon was strolling in a wooded area on his lunch break when he was shot, prompting a lockdown of the entire complex.

“One of our officers was patrolling the area when the victim flagged him down,” said Elise Armacost, Baltimore County spokesperson.

Police arrested Stokes at his home on Richardson Road in Gwynn Oak–just a few miles from the crime scene.

“We are not as safe as we thought we were,” said a neighbor.

Police say Stokes stole a cell phone, and then dumped it nearby.

Still, some are concerned for their own safety.

“Makes you nervous,” said a neighbor. “You aren’t safe in your own neighborhood anymore.  Just shows you what the world is coming to today: a lot of violence and crime. Try and protect yourself the best way you can.”

Stokes is now at the Baltimore County Detention Center held without bail.

Monday’s lockdown lasted one hour. Thousands of people work at the Social Security Administration building.

Comments (5)
  1. cHARMcity says:

    Im glad they caught this guy…. I live and the area and I didint want to result to carrying a illegal gun just for safety.. but thats what its coming to everywhere in MD… SAD.

  2. fedupinbmore says:

    Just looked this thug up on casesearch…shocker…he was arrested two years ago for the SAME thing – attempted 1st degree murder, robbery, and use of a handgun…Thank you Baltimore courts for letting him go once before…maybe you’ll get it right this time. But of course we will see his Mom and/or Grandmother on TV in the next several days talking about how their baby couldn’t have done this…

  3. Jerry says:

    I agree . I waiting to see if somebody’s gonna say that he’s a victim of society and to give him a chance . What the hell will it take for the courts to wake up and do the right thing. An eye for an eye and televise it . Then those idiots , bums , trash or what ever you want to call them will get the message. And the message is WE HAD ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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