ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — A Facebook official and the president of Cartoon Network will be joining Gov. Martin O’Malley and Katie O’Malley to kick off Nationally Bullying Prevention Month.

It’s scheduled for Thursday at Arundel High School in Annapolis.

Facebook’s Vice President for U.S. Public Policy Joel Kaplan and Cartoon Network President Stuart Snyder will attend the event, along with state and local education leaders.

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Comments (7)
  1. The Truth says:

    Considering the efforts he and his staff are going through to redistrict Maryland perhaps they should attend as well

  2. RavenLude says:

    exactly…..owemalley himself is a bully, he just uses his political power to bully people as opposed to his physicality

  3. Mr. Right says:

    I’m always cautious and extremely skeptical whenever I see or hear about liberals such as O’malley and his ilk, having these types of discussions; because all it really means is they are in process of passing laws that will silence all politically incorrect and unpopular speech targeting faith based institutions Christians and creating a protected class of people ( gay, muzzy s and illegal aliens)

  4. Donald Jaquess says:

    I was blocked by facebook and was given no reason. If I knew what I did wrong I will not do it again.

    1. Donald Jaquess says:

      Why was I blocked. I use only facebook information.

  5. Marc Daniels says:

    We can address the bullying problem by planting respect showing our kids how to symbolically plant respect in each other at the earliest possible kindergardening ages. Iowa Governor Terry Brandstad and Illinois Governor Pat Quinn had officially proclaming August 28th, 2011 as WEED OUT HATE Days, calling for every child to symbolically root a weed of hate. I am chairman of what has now become this now global anti-bullying initiative. For the price of a pack of Sunflower Seeds, parents and grandparents can teach their children that by removing weeds, they make room for beautfiful germinating and blooming sunflowers of the spirit.

  6. Pallabi Roy says:

    Sir, I can log-in facebook, bt after that I could not brows, chat n upload, a message is coming “Method Not Implemented(Invalid method in request)”.few days ago I post 2/3 jokes please help me.
    Pallabi Roy

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