HAGERSTOWN, Md. (AP) — Some western Maryland contractors are demanding an end to the state’s Minority Business Enterprise law.

Local members of the Associated Builders and Contractors aired their concerns at a meeting Monday in Hagerstown with Republican state lawmakers from Washington and Frederick counties.

The law requires contractors to seek minority-owned subcontractors when bidding on state contracts. The contractors say many minority-owned firms in the Baltimore-Washington area aren’t interested in western Maryland projects. And they say some refuse to even sign paperwork indicating they’ve been offered the opportunity.

State Delegate Neil Parrott of Washington County says the 33-year-old law has achieved its goal of making it possible for minorities to head companies.

Parrott says he will vote against extending the program in next year’s General Assembly.

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Comments (4)
  1. Fed Up says:

    About time this ends. Let contractors play on a level field. The red tape costs companies tons of time and money. A small business has enough problems as it is for this to continue. Repeal the minority subcontractor law. I’m sure a lot of them are nothing but fronts. No I’m not a business owner or contractor, but I’d like to see fairness to all.

  2. Sheriff says:

    The government would rather spend millions of your money to hire an incompetent minority than rater hire a qualified White contractor. We all lose in this deal & the gov throws good money after bad cause it’s easy to spend OPM.

  3. KottaMan says:

    I agree that this law is tired, old, and has served its purpose. It should not be extended.

  4. Rik Vincent says:

    I also agree this law should end. It had it’s time and place, but that is now gone.

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