ABINGDON, Md. (WJZ)– It’s a day nearly three years in the making. The new Route 24 bridge in Harford County is finally open.

Andrea Fujii explains the road is now safer for the thousands of drivers who use it everyday.

The new Route 24 bridge used to be a four-way intersection. But now, nearly $40 million later, drivers can breeze on through. It’s a welcome relief for the tens of thousands of motorists who drive to and from Bel Air everyday.

“It was smooth. It was nice. It’s good to see it completed,” one driver said.

The new Route 24 bridge off of I-95 goes over MD-924 or Emmorton Road, and replaces a four-way intersection.

“It’s mostly time-consuming for red lights,” said one driver. “That’s what I’m hoping to bypass because normally, it’s 10 minutes at every red light.”

The Maryland Transportation Authority started the 1.5 mile-long project three years ago in hopes of making the area safer and less congested.

“That allows them quicker commute time. We have heard reports that people had saved 10-15 minutes of their time this morning,” said MDTA spokesperson Terry Moss.

With no traffic light, drivers can get right on I-95, but the project is still a work in progress. On I-95 North near the exit in Bel Air, there’s no clear signage yet. You stay to the left and it takes you to the new Route 24 bridge. The right takes you to MD-924. WJZ noticed some drivers getting confused. One even crossed over at the last minute.

But residents are optimistic because they say as the Abingdon and Bel Air areas grow, so must the roads.

“I think the bridge is going to be a plus for the community,” said one driver.

Another improvement: the lights under the bridge on MD-924 are now timed.

The entire project is expected to be completed in the next several months.

Comments (4)
  1. Concerned Motorist says:

    I personally hate it. You said “The Maryland Transportation Authority started the 1.5 mile-long project three years ago in hopes of making the area safer and less congested.” However that is not the case. The signage isn’t clear and I have been in almost 7 accidents since this project began. People have no idea which way they are going. It’s a mess. Thank goodness I know other ways into Bel Air.

  2. Suzanne says:

    Hopefully the bridge will help the traffic flow during the evening rush hour. Unfortunately, yesterday was a complete FAIL. It took me just as long to get off of 95 – traffic was backed up on the exit, as usual. When I finally got to 24, I sailed across the 24/924 intersection and stopped, along with everyone, else before I even got off the bridge. Why? Traffic was bottle necked at Singer Rd. It took me 10 minutes to get through that intersection. Sure, you help the intersection at 24/924, but now traffic is going to bottleneck at Singer Rd. Did anyone think about that? It took me longer to get home yesterday than it ever has! FAIL!!!

  3. willie says:

    Belair & it’s drivers are a bunch of a$$ holes the way they drive. Bet they’re just as unhappy in their personal & career lives.

  4. John says:

    I live in Box Hill and after trying to get onto #24 at 6:30 from Singer Rd. is a total mess. Going over the 1.5 Million dollar bridge to head south with traffic coming up the old #24 and trying to merge is a real mess. Forget about coming home north bound and trying to merge onto #24 towards Belair. I take #7 to Abingdon Rd. and cut 10 minutes off my time. I also found going to work is easier taking #7 or #40 in the morning to #43-Honeygo Blvd. Just think all this 1.5 million dollars could have been given to a good cause-less taxes for me and everyone in Harfod County

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