PORT DEPOSIT, Md. (WJZ)—A Maryland community is outraged after a 16-year-old boy dies in a hit-and-run crash. His family wants answers after police questioned the driver, but let him go.

Weijia Jiang spoke with the victim’s mother and police.

The family is sharing their story only with WJZ. They say they’re heartbroken, but they’re also angry because 48 hours later, the driver has not been charged.

“I miss him,” the victim’s mother, Nicole Reese, said while fighting back tears. “I just want him back. I just want him back.”

Reese clings to a picture of her only son, 16-year-old Brandon Reese. On Monday, the Perryville High School junior was killed in what police describe as a hit-and-run crash.

“I hope they understand what they did was wrong, and they can be man enough to make it right,” Nicole Reese said.

Brandon Reese was killed around 7:30 p.m. Monday right in front of his house on Jacob Tome Highway in Port Deposit.

Police say he was skateboarding when a car struck him and then drove off— outraging those who live in the close-knit neighborhood.

“What would make someone keep on going? You just don’t run over someone and keep on going and not know you hit something,” said Anna Cifaldo, family friend.

Later, investigators tracked down the freshly damaged vehicle on Main Street about a mile away.

“The driver was located,” said Elena Russo, Maryland State Police. “He was brought in to the barrack for questioning, later released. Now, charges are pending after review with the Cecil County State’s Attorney.”

The teen’s loved ones call waiting for an arrest agonizing. They want answers now. So far, all they know is Brandon Reese died doing what he loved.

His mom had just bought him a new skateboard for his birthday in August.

“He was my love,” she said. “He was my life. I just want it right. I want my son’s death right. That’s all I want.”

Police say they let the driver go because the investigation was ongoing, but they anticipate charges to be filed soon.

At this time police are not releasing the driver’s name.

Comments (15)
  1. Donna says:

    What a sad story! RIP Brandon!! Praying for his family

    1. Thomas Schafer says:

      Brandon lived in my neighborhood. We are outraged by all this…It’s just sad.

  2. Kimberly Blackwell says:

    ok if someone in his family is reading this im really sorry that it happened however the driver will more than likely not be charged yet or ticketed and the reason for thier ongoing investigation is because if they charge the guy or ticket him then he can just go into the court house and pay there fines and under the double jeoperdy law the police wont be able to charge him again this way they can nail is butt to the wall in court yall r in my prayers

  3. willie says:

    Kimberly, You shouldn’t drink so early in the morning.

  4. chris says:

    now, what you people do not know, is that the innocent skater and his friends were playing chicken with oncoming traffic. that was admitted by everyone at the seen, and the person who was driving was unaware that he hit a child, he thought he hit an animal. port is a poorly lit town anyway. he is very truly sorry for your loss, i am a close personal friend of the person forementioned.

    1. felicity says:

      i dont know who u think u r but he wasnt playing chicken and we all miss him and ur making it hard for us we miss u brandon and chris ur wrong

      1. billy(molly) says:

        i agree chris u don’t know anything about it, and ur just making it hared on all of us, u try seeing a 16 year old boy in a cascet , getting burried. It’s not tht easy

      2. cierra says:

        I Agree He Was One Of My Good Friends Chris U Dnt Kno What Ure Talkn About

    2. cierra says:

      What Does It Matter ? He Was Still Hit By Your Friend You Would Think He Could Identify A Human And An animal two Different sizes . R.I.P Brandon I Miss You Soo Much

  5. KottaMan says:

    WJZ, thanks for deleting my post. Is anyone else on this blog tired of network censorship to polite comment?

  6. chris says:

    you obviously know little about the situation, its all in the police report

  7. anthony says:

    Ahh..Chris…taking up for a man who murdered a 16 year old! Makes you “manly” doesnt it. Your friend Chris, murdered a child, and then to make matters worse, he left the scene of the accident. Your friend should be in jail for at least 20 years, if NOT longer. Switch roles here, had that been your 16 year old who was hit by a passing car and left in the street and die…would you still be defending that person by saying its poorly lit, I travel up tome highway that way 4 nights a week at 11pm….I can see the road. Why couldnt your friend at 730pm? Stop defending a murderer, i dont care if he was playing chicken or not. He for one, should have been paying attention, and when he hit the 16 year old, he should have at least stopped. But he didnt, he left that child there….to die.

  8. SHEILA says:

    “ACCIDENT”. You all might want to look up that word. The gentleman that hit him is only guilty of leaving the scene. The teens injuries were inconsistent with life. Even if a doctor had been at the scene, he could not have saved the child. The driver can only control his car, he did not have any control over the teen laying on the skateboard with no reflective clothing, no lights and riding in the lane of traffic. The man that hit him will never be able to get this out of his head. He has been very depressed since this happened, and he feels very sorry for the boys family, but bottom line is, “IT WAS NOT HIS FAULT”.

  9. Rachel Still says:

    i dont care what any body says that guy or girl who it branden deserves to go to
    jail or die no 16 year old boy deserves to die , the man or women should have stopped and checkd on him , people stop deffending a murder , seriously

  10. Anthony says:

    Hm, my comments are not being posted. Not sure why. The man still fled the scene. He should have stayed and “Tried” to help. He didnt. He cowardly left the scene. He should be sentanced to life. No parole.

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