BALTIMORE (WJZ)– The Charles Village neighborhood is on alert. A string of high-profile crimes has the community and Johns Hopkins students afraid.

Meghan McCorkell has reaction to the violence.

On Thursday morning, a man was shot along St. Paul Street, just steps away from a crime that rocked the Charles Village community.

Police are concerned with a spate of violent crime in Charles Village.

“It’s unacceptable and atrocious that this activity is taking place in this city,” said Baltimore Police Department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.

Just before 6 a.m., a man walking from a friend’s home was approached by a robber. He gave up everything he had, but the robber shot him in the leg anyway.

“It’s something else out here, man,” Danny Evans, a resident of Charles Village, said. “You can’t even walk down the street without somebody trying to rob you.”

The shooting brings back bad memories.

Just feet away, flowers mark the spot where Stephen Pitcairn, 23, died. The Johns Hopkins researcher was killed in July 2010 when a robber stabbed him.

“What spawned the violence? It’s the economy. It’s a violent world,” Frank Bey, who works in Charles Village, said.

About half a mile away from Thursday’s shooting, a Johns Hopkins student was sexually assaulted in an alley on Saturday. Now the university is on alert.

“Increased patrols, both our own people and off-duty Baltimore police,” Guglielmi said.

On bike, by car and on foot, campus police are keeping watch as the university reminds students to take precautions.

“Don’t walk alone. Walk in well-lit areas, walk preferably in crowded areas where there are other pedestrians around,” Dennis O’Shea, executive director of communications and public affairs at Johns Hopkins University, said.

Ruby Fulton teaches in Charles Village and is on alert.

“A little more careful, yeah. Maybe a little more mindful of the circumstances,” she said.

Members of the Charles Village Civic Association meet monthly with police to discuss safety. They met Wednesday night, right before this latest shooting.

The man shot on Thursday is in serious condition. So far, police have not made any arrests in either the shooting or the sexual assault.

Comments (12)
  1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    This is nothing new. Murders & robberies have been taking place in this area for years along with several rapes of university students. In every case the perps were Black.

    1. Rex Ganymede says:



      because it is only “the coloreds” who commit violent crimes in baltimore.

      oh. wait.

      this is an interesting web site that i am browsing, alongside this one here.

      hmmm… …now why am i seeing some mugshots of some white people here?


      they are being charged with sundry offenses, too?

      ..and even in charles village!

      jeez, bernard.

      i’m not quite sure where you’re getting your information from, but it certainly does seem kinda..

      or are you saying that it’s okay for everyone else but “the coloreds” to be naughty?

    2. Trey Thomas says:

      Most of the people in baltimore are black if it were a majority white city the perps would be white or other ethnic groups depending on demographic. Where i live is majority white or other so the largest percentage of perps are not black. Maybe you should get out more.

  2. C says:

    This story is in need of a copy editor.

  3. Smith says:

    This is ridiculous… Grow up people this happens every year when the rich little white students flock here to go to school. Apparently Mommy and Daddy never taught them to lock windows and doors or put away expensive things (robberies go up). Lets face it these students never learned how to walk down a street they are easy targets for those who “don’t have”. The campus safety tours Hopkins does has them walking down the streets looking terrified because big bad Baltimore will eat them. People who prey on people smell fear an weakness and that is true every where. Maybe we should empower them to own their own safety and to walk tall and confidently instead of in fear.
    In addition every year police come in “to keep us safe” and every year that does nothing but get Charles Village residents who don’t look like Hopkins students or the yuppie families harassed. G-d forbid you are a person of color in which case you could be charged with loitering sitting on your stoop (sounds funny but happened last month).
    Policing each other and our community only sparks fear and that leads to violence its that simple. Charles Village lets be a real community and meet our neighbors and celebrate in each other differences. Who knows made crime would stop cause we would know that if we were being street harassed we could go to our neighbor Betty’s house up the block or even into a frat house to get away.
    *** Please do not make racial assumptions about perps. The people I have seen breaking in to houses on University Pkwy are two white dudes. Its been reported and no one talks about it.

  4. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    I guess the newspapers, media etc have it all wrong. The last five murders & rapes in Charles village were committed by A.A. Why? Because that’s where the opportunities & money is. Charles village is next to poor black areas such as waverly & Remmingtom where more murders occured last year all by Blacks. Please explain why white college students aren’t doing this Smith,Rex?

  5. Fed Up says:

    “two white dudes” breaking into a house…..a tremendous difference in shooting someone after giving the animal your valuables. Make all the excuses you want, but it doesn’t stop the fact two people were robbed and shot. The violence must be stopped and the ones (black,white, pink or purple) committing these crimes must be locked away. In murder cases give them a swift trial then put them to death. Now bleeding heart liberals tell me how the death penalty is not a deterrent.

  6. Not moving to the city ever says:

    more reason to get out of the city, the trash from canton has move on to charles village.

  7. Trey Thomas says:

    Its the blacks its all thier faults.its the jews its all thier faults. Its the hispanics its all thier faults. Its the native americans they did it. What other ethnic group can we I blame contra for turning my city into a monster. Gotta blame someone .see what happens when you hold a steak over a starving lions head? You get your steak taken away and if you dont let go fast enough you get your arm taken as well. Not to say its right but poverty exists and will always exist. You cant say its only blacks who rob and steal because all races have criminals always have always will.

  8. Angel says:

    Bottom Line it’s time to bring back the Death Chair. We have some really sick and violent people walking in our world today. The court system needs to stop rubbing these sick folks on their heads and stick them under a rock with cement. If we show action, we will get action.

  9. kill perps says:

    Poverty does not cause crime.
    Immorality and lack of personal responsibility causes crime.
    I grew up very poor and would never consider stealing or killing. Stop insulting decent poor people. Kill the criminals.

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