It’s no secret I’m more of a baseball gal than a football gal. Don’t get me wrong, I love football Sundays, especially if it includes wings and beer. But October to me has always been about playoff baseball. And since I covered the Yankees for the majority of my career and they made the postseason in all but one year, I picked up the NFL around Week 9 or 10, which is around the time the World Series comes to an end. Even though we are in the middle (or a quarter of the way through) the Ravens season, the bye week couldn’t have come at a better time.

I asked you all on my Facebook page and Twitter (Jen_Royle) which sport are you all watching and the majority of you said baseball, which of course made me happy. I love hearing that fans of other teams are watching the sport even after their own team wasn’t fortunate enough to make the postseason. I know this is a Ravens town and most of you are all football all the time… and I also know you are all mostly hoping the Yankees are eliminated.

Guess what? So am I.

The Tigers are currently up 2-0 over the Yankees in a critical Game 5 at Yankee Stadium as Detroit starter Doug Fister is shutting down the Yankees’ lineup. Joe Girardi is already on his third pitching in just the fourth inning, too… but the Yankees are tough to be at home, especially in the playoffs and especially in an elimination game.

Maybe this is the year for the Tigers. Who knows? Either way, I’m taking the Rangers.

Who you all got?


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