We’re a quarter of the way into the season, which is hardly a defining time.  However, since people are into lists and milestones and charts, let’s take stock of the Ravens at this point.

They’re 3-1, and have beaten the 2 teams that went to the AFC Championship at home…..in blowout fashion.  The Ravens are in the conversation for best team in the AFC.  Part of the reason is because the Jets and Steelers have stepped back, Manning is out, and the Patriots can’t play defense.  That said, the Ravens are stout on defense, and lead the league in turnovers.  They’re doing what they didn’t do last year, pressure the QB. The offense has shown flashes, and WILL get better.  I know people ebb and flow on Flacco, but if you judge him by his record, it’s hard to complain.  Was he frustrating against the Jets after the first quarter?  Sure, but the Jets defense had something to do about that too.  People have to come to terms with what Joe Flacco is right now….not Brady, Rodgers, Brees, etc, but better than most quarterbacks in the NFL.  The Ravens can win with him.  He might not carry them, but with this defense, they don’t need him to do that.


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