BALTIMORE (WJZ)– The “Occupy movement” gains traction nationwide fighting for jobs and what they call the 98 percent of Americans.

Meghan McCorkell has the latest on the demonstrations in Baltimore.

Many of the protesters have been at the Inner Harbor for days. They say they’ll stay until their message is heard.

“Banks got bailed out, we got sold out!” said one.

Making their voices heard, dozens are occupying Baltimore. They say they’re representing 98 percent of Americans.

“It doesn’t matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat,” demonstrator Deborah Elliott from Brooklyn, Md. said. “It matters if you care about your country. I want the middle class to stay here.”

Rose Zaeske brought her children out for a real-life civics lesson.

“It’s about reclaiming the country for the average person and not just for the wealthy person,” she said.

Occupy Baltimore is part of a national movement that has spread across the country.

It started three weeks ago in New York City. Protesters clashed with police trying to get closer to Wall Street.

In Los Angeles, hundreds of people, including labor union members and activists, flooded the financial district with signs.

And in Chicago, demonstrators gathered outside the Federal Reserve Bank and Bank of America warning financial leaders a change is coming.

Even President Barack Obama commented on the movement.

“I think it expresses the frustrations the American people feel,” he said.

Protesters here in Maryland are glad Washington is listening.

“It’s gone beyond just a Walt Street thing. I mean, there’s hope for the world,” Donna Plamondon, a demonstrator, said.

And they’ll keep raising their voices until that hope turns into change.

The Occupy Together movement has spread to more than 500 cities worldwide.

The protests in Baltimore have been peaceful. Police have not made any arrests.

Comments (32)
  1. Jeff says:

    This is a sincere, spontaneous protest by a cross-section of middle class America against corporate greed and its unbridled influence in our government. Hypocrite conservatives should be scared because they should have been for the “people” rather than corporate favor. These protesters are not calling for the overthrow of our government like the teaparty treasonists who were ready to sell our country out to corporate interests, much of which are international, not even American. The almighty dollar is no substiitute for our flag. In fact, money has been around long before the U.S.A. discovered it and long before the GOP started praying to it.  

    1. jesse says:

      Last time I checked, the tea party was all about fiscal responsibility — demanding that the government stop spending money that they don’t have, and stop the government from demanding that the middle class keep footing the bill for the government’s reckless spending. These people want to live by the constitution and limit government interference in their lives.

      These sit-in types here in Baltimore and other places have been bused in, using George Soros money. Most cannot articulate why they are sitting there in the first place. They are being manipulated into being used as part of a plan to disrupt the economy and bring an end to capitalism and with it, freedom in America

      The unleashed corporate greed that you decry was a result of many years of tinkering and manipulating of the American economic laws by Congress. They eliminated the checks and balances in the law and thereby opened the door for this type of behavior. People voted for the Congress, and got exactly the government that they deserved

      1. Steven Cville says:

        Corporate greed in Baltimore LOL Since when are Crack dealers considered corporate? Thats the economy of Baltimore and it’s Democratic voting public.

  2. Mr. Right says:

    The commies are coming! the commies are coming! oops! they are already here. You lefties should start your own commune smoke your pot and LSD and continue to wait for your eutopian welfare state were hard word is replaced by wishful thinking and ingenuity is replaced by blaming someone else for your lack of worth and ambition.

    1. Ken says:

      The Constitution starts with “We the People”, not We the corporations! Capitalism isn’t what’s wrong with our country, it’s unchecked power, corporate greed, lack of empathy for our own impoverished people, lack of morals, and basically, the sick belief that the rich elite deserve what they have, should have more, and will not share! It’s only the poor and middle class that should have all the burdens, and they should carry the country out of its economic woes, even though it was the rich elite that are the ones that got us in this crisis! I believe that eventually, what goes around, will come around.

    2. Jesse Runyon says:

      people like you give the “right” a bad name. the only argument you have is that we are all pot smoking hippies with no jobs. what a cop out.its like you are all in denial or brain dead. lsd? hahahahaha what a putz

  3. Chuck Shultz says:

    Wow! You DEMS are getting desperate aren’t you!!!

  4. willie joe says:

    Ken, We the people went out of business years ago. It’s Capitalism & greed grab what you need”.I hope this movement grows. 1% of the people should not control the other 99%. That’s all wrong. Wall st & the Banks what they did if not illegal at worst was immoral.

    1. sheriff Willie Joe blah blah says:

      sheriff Willie Joe, haven’t I heard you spew the “left-wing liberal dems are to blame for all the problems in B’more” line in other forums? hmmmm….. try harder to conceal your identity, maybe? 

  5. jonnytheboy says:

    STOP WITH THE LEFT VS RIGHT REPUB VS DEM BS! You’re falling into the elite’s divide and conquer tactics. Ron Paul supports #occupy as much as George Soros. This is a movement for ALL americans, especially the middle class, against the 1%. Not against corporations. Not against the right to get rich in this country. This is against the 1% who control 38% of the wealth in this country. Those who have seen their income increase 5 fold over the past two decades while OUR wages remain stagnant. Come On! When was the last time you had a decent raise? This is against the 1% that are purposedly crashing our economy and murdering 100s of thousands overseas in illegal wars. This is EVERYONES movement. YOUR movement for your very survival. So get on board, or get the F outta the way.

    1. this is why you are not in charge says:

      you had me until “get the f out of the way”, way to gain support for your movement.

  6. Greg Bagwell says:

    wall street is the biggest scam going, like 401’s and mutal funds. wake up folks we are trillions in debt, the goverment and wall strret is one big gamble.along with the oil, and getting gas at the pump another big scandal. if you can’t see our economy is the worse it’s ever been, and all obamm’s, bush’es promises mean nothing, they GOT THERES

  7. crisp says:

    Every unemployed person in America should be supporting this movement!!!! Just think about the statement this would make in numbers!

  8. Fed Up says:

    Why aren’t people protesting the 47% who pay no taxes, the cradle to grave entitlement programs, term limits, transparency, lobbiest, tax reform, earned income credits, Section 8 Housing, rent supplements, free phones, illegals, deficit, borrowing 40 cents on every dollar the government spends, etc. ?????
    Tea party: less spending and smaller government.

    1. joe says:

      can’t work can’t pay taxes , g that was a hard one to figure out

      1. whatnow says:

        It isn’t can’t work, its won’t work! Laziness abounds in this country. This is a group of worthless younsters who want hand outs. The media asked one person protesting in New York “if you were offered a $150,000 job today by a bank, would you take it”. The idiot said no. That tells me all I need to know!

      2. Reporters know what you want to hear says:

        whatnow, so let me ask you this: if the reporter had asked the same person if he would take $150,000. job working as a green farmer and his answer was “yes”, would that change your mind? A person’s unwillingness to sell out his values does not mean he is lazy, just honest.

        At Columbine, a teenaged girl was asked by a thug with a gun in her face if she believed in god. She said, “yes”… and he shot her in the face. You’re comment makes YOU that thug.

  9. ed says:

    power to the protesters some folks are finally taking there stand

  10. terry says:

    no work no taxes who will pay for state and federal jobs

  11. mike says:

    protest in front of mikulski’s office, and cardins office we been sold out

  12. jaquetta says:

    obamma said change we got change for the worse what a guy

  13. FAST FRANKIE says:

    no work more fed and state lay offs, bruce hornsby and the range ,, THAT IS JUST THE WAY IT IS,,, that is one way to scale back the goverment

  14. MaGGie McQuire says:

    no jobs , no taxes smaller goverment, trillions in debt, no one to pay for it and yeah by the way obamma how about another round of golf, bail out a few more banks, ……….you say you are funding construction work, looking out for the mexcian banddits again. folks there is plenty of fininical inistabilty out there, i can assure you these protesters have good intentions,,,,, our politicans, and big bussiness, wall st on the other hand SOLD US OUT

  15. keep it real says:

    why would you take out key highway ship yard and put condo’s in,,,, so many jobs lost in this state during war and peace time, now all does jobs left the country,,,,, what a mess

  16. JAYS DELI says:

    this protest , should include ever marylander, that is unemployed, no health insurance, homeless, even you people who are living pay chech to pay check, , i’am surprised this isn’t a huge deal, we are being raped at the gas pump, lower pay scales, more taxes being taking out, what gives maryland

    1. Baaaaaaaaa says:

      Jays Deli,
      The media is spinning this low. Very low. WhatNow up above mentioned a question a reporter asked a protester: if you were offered a $150,000/yr job working for a bank, would you take it? That was a question DESIGNED to get a specific answer and WhatNow fell for it hook, line and sinker.

      Have a high-powered media machine start taking this seriously and working alongside the protesters to get real facts and disperse the information, and you will see a lot more public involvement, As it is, the media is making this look like a small-potatoes group of hippie wanna-be’s taking their lazy butts to the street so they can socialize with other hippie-wanna-be’s.

      Those who believe that line of bull are exactly the audience to whom the media panders. Sheep.

  17. smoking joe says:

    4 years of college, no jobs, in my field, i been duked

  18. Beth Emmerling says:

    I was part of this protest until tonight when young male members of this group became verbally abusive and physically intimidating to me. I tried to stop an altercation between them and the cops and then they turned on me screaming, cursing, threatening and physically moved around me so that I could not get away.
    Great ideals and a great movement in general but when the group literally becomes violent with members of itself – there is nothing good coming out of it. Peace to those still there who have the best of attention and to heck with the men who violated my right to be safe.

    1. what are the odds???? says:

      Beth, this sounds exactly … no I mean, EXACTLY like the story a female reporter in Egypt told. wow! what a coincidence.

  19. Sharon says:

    Remember when Nancy Pelosi said that protesting at town hall meetings was “un-American”?

  20. PAUL E. MICELLI says:

    People are fed up with way this country is being run. . . .remember these times when Election Time rolls around!!!

    1. Stuck with the hand we were dealt says:

      Paul, I find it easier to take you seriously when your caps are off. whew.

      That being said, this problem didn’t start with Obama, it started with G’Dub. So, yes, I will remember what got us here in the first place. Thanks for the reminder.

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