New Information About Suspect In Wal-Mart Bleach Attack

BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ)– WJZ is learning more about a bleach attack in a Baltimore County Wal-Mart on Saturday that sent 18 people to the hospital.

Monique Griego reports two very different portraits are emerging of the suspect.

Those two sides of the suspect boil down to this– a lengthy police record versus people who know her as a good person and mother.

All bottles of bleach carry the warnings about the chemical hazards. Few would choose it as a weapon, but that’s what police say Theresa Jefferson, 33, did Saturday morning at a Wal-Mart in western Baltimore County.

“I just heard this morning. It shocked me,” said one person.

“It’s not in Theresa’s nature to be violent,” said Jefferson’s neighbor Shawanda Price.

Theresa Jefferson’s neighbors on Lakeside Circle say the woman arrested is not the woman they know.

“She’s a hard worker,” Price said. “She don’t mess with anyone. She takes care of her children. She helps in the community. It’s just totally out of character, so she was probably provoked.”

It was allegedly a running dispute that erupted into violence inside the Wal-Mart. The victim is a woman who reportedly dates Theresa Jefferson’s former boyfriend, who is also the father of Jefferson’s child.

“During the assault, the suspect grabbed bleach and also ammonia, and poured it on the victim. Because of the mixture of the two chemicals, it actually caused a hazmat scene at that point,” Officer Shawn Vinson, spokesman for the Baltimore County Police Department, said.

Eighteen people, including the victim, were taken to the hospital complaining of eye and respiratory irritation.

Jefferson’s arrest adds to a lengthy rap sheet that includes charges of domestic violence, auto theft and drug possession.

But neighbors say they never saw that side of her and say she never talked about her former boyfriend or the woman who was attacked.

“She is a very good mother,” Jefferson’s neighbor Dolores Johnson said. “She don’t mess with nobody. She minds her business.”

Jefferson is charged with first- and second-degree assault. Bail was set at $350,000 when she was booked.

Although one person was taken to the Wilmer Eye Clinic for evaluation, the other 17 people were transported to area hospitals. Their injuries were not believed to be serious.

  • rukidding?

    “She is a very good mother,”
    “She don’t mess with anyone…
    It’s just totally out of character, so she was probably provoked.”

    I guess it was the other persons fault for the DV charge & drugs & car theft! But ur probably right, she MUST HAVE been provoked!

    • TheRiley

      That message was directed to “GG”

  • justin

    when keepin it real goes wrong!

    • TheRiley

      *thumbs up*

  • Leigh Ann Erdman

    Obviously domestic violence, drugs ,car theft and creating a HAZMAT incident with low level phosgene created by ammonia and bleach that injured 18 people, and almost caused one person to lose their eye sight is okay if she is provoked. Loser with a capital L and with18 counts of assault I am going to reach here and say find a good home for those kids. She is going to jail. No man is worth it. Her neighbors obviously do not know her at all. A good mother doesn’t do drugs, steal cars, get into domestic violence or attack other women over a man. What does she call the other 17 victims, collateral damage?

    • Angel

      You Are So True, let the Truth Be Known!!

    • Diane King


  • m.a.d.

    I wish Walmart would sue her for the business they lost when they had to shut down due to her actions! I also hope the hospitals send her the bill for the ER services they had to perform. And make sure they also charge her for the bleach and ammonia she used that she did not pay for!

  • Solid Citizen

    Diverse customers….So many other customers wouldn’t think of making a phosgene cloud to resolve personal conflicts… Embrace the diversity.. Is this woman related to Teonna Brown of Rosedale Mcdonalds infamy?

    Quo warranto, B.O.?

    • Diane King

      Maybe not related to Teonna Brown, but Theresa Jefferson’s friends gave the identical excuse for her animal-like behavior.

    • Katrina

      Aha ha ha!!! They must be cousins!

  • Koatz

    The bail amount is excessive and should be reduced. I’ve seen those charged with first degree murder get a lower bail amount. Disgusting to think that the amount is politically motivated.

    • the truth

      You’re an Azzhole, she has a rap sheet with so many priors it’s about time they locked her up for a long long time.

    • Joules Duncan

      The bail is so high due to the 18 counts of assault. Obviously you don’t understand the severity of what she did.

      • Koatz

        Seventeen of those alleged assaults were incidental to the ONE assault she alledgedly directed at the woman who reportedly dates her former boyfriend. A plea deal should give her probation, at most! She is not an on-going threat to society as evidenced by the comments of her neighbors.

    • Almatrice Battle

      Bail amount is not high enough ~~The best thing about this story is the father will get custody of his child with the victem and her dumbazz will be locked up. grrrrrrrrrrrrr~~~~ how stupid can you be good job mother ~~~~ KARMA


      koetz r u crazy or what the bail should be reduced yeah right ok what ever u say the reason y the bail is set so high is because the judge knew wouldnt b able to afford that kind of money therefore her dumb little butt will sit in jail where she belongs I think they should arrest the guy hes the 1 instigating the whole thing no doubt

      • Koatz

        Excessive Bail is against the U.S. Constitution.

    • Tangy

      Its only that high because this incident received so much media attention, I agree with you. Its people out here that have done way worse things and the bail wasnt that high.

  • ALD

    Are we suppose to feel sorry for her? I missed that part. All this over a dude that probably dont care about either one of them. She going to jail.

  • Almatrice Battle

    It is so sad color has nothing to do with it shes an idiot and I am glad the bond is that high she might get out and decide to go shopping again. A mother with children at that age she should have been stable enough to walk away.
    Everyone knows you dont mix bleach with amonia.She definately isnt smarter then a fifth grader. As for the victems sad day when you can’t go shopping in walmart because they want to use it as a war zone. I hope everyone is okay

  • TheWiseguy

    I blame the NBA……..National Bleach Association.
    Need to keep that bleack under lock and key…..require 3 day waiting period.

  • the truth

    I wont go a Walmart because of animals like these. Its just not worth it.

  • Mike

    I looked the suspect up in the online Maryland court database. I notice that she was served with a peace order last Friday. I wonder if these events are connected.

  • Diane King

    Here we go again with the “she must have been provoked” excuse. When are these people going to realize that it doesn’t matter how much you dislike what someone is saying or if you have a beef with them about something, behaving like a raving lunatic in public is NOT acceptable.

  • Tracy Brooks

    That’s because the news reports more inner cities crimes, not the crimes and drugs . Also studies are done in the inner cities. So of course the numbers are bias There are a lot of white crimes being committed too sweety!!!

  • Georgeanna Modlin

    People are stupid to think that if a person is a good mother and is nice to them that they are not violent. I am truly sorry to see the amount of violence in the black people, but it is a fact. They dont value human life or any other. These are the facts. They even go on national tv on court shows and admit breaking the law like its nothing. The have a sense of entitlement with no consequences.

  • irlandes

    Blacks are not especially more violent because of race. Kids raised in female headed families are not properly socialized by their fathers, because Mommy made the decision to have kids without a daddy. Due to generations of black men being unable to get employment, black kids are much more likely to be violent, not because of any racial or genetic issue. If you find white kids raised by mommies alone, their numbers aren’t much different. And, there are millions of black kids living middle class lives and going to college and working.

    • the truth

      Irlandes, You are mad of course, do you know that? Have you ever lived with these low class sub humans? been beaten, raped, robbed? You would sing a different tune. I’ve seen white single moms & black single moms. White teach their children while blacks threaten & physically harm them in public.

  • the truth

    Sophisticated, You speak like a typical Mool with the blinders on. Everyday in the news it’s a black committing a crime. Do you read or watch the news. These are the bad guys & savages.

  • RH

    Weapons of mass destruction in aisle 11 at your friendly wal-mart.

  • ninelives58

    Man jokester, you must have steam coming out your ears. LOL

  • Diane King

    Geez, I think someone touched a nerve with the jokester. Are you foaming at the mouth or what?

  • Dalpha

    Hey Truth, Do you iron your sheet before putting it on? You inbred.

  • Buck O'Fama

    When your character witness has a name that is so idiotic and sounds like she was named after some mud hut village in some turd world country, you can pretty much strike their statement without reading it. Shawanda…I beeleeeves ya.

  • BullDogg

    Most of you make me glad I don’t live in Baltimore. Your racist rants make me sick. If she had been a white woman, none of you would have bupkus to say about it. Go ahead, hide behind your internet anonymity cowards. And for those of you ignorant crackers who may think I am Black, I am as white as white gets.

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