BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ)— The crime sparked headlines across the world. Now we have new details about a bleach attack this weekend at a Baltimore County Wal-Mart.

Kai Jackson has more on a possible motive.

The attack has been tied to a fight over a man and a Baltimore County woman is still locked up in jail.

“It’s kinda scary,” said one shopper.

Nineteen shoppers at a Wal-Mart were rushed to hospitals. The store was evacuated after a bleach attack Saturday. Police say Theresa Jefferson, 33, doused another woman with cleaning chemicals.

“The suspect followed the victim, followed her and approached her in the aisle where the cleaning products were and basically assaulted her with whatever she could get her hands on,” said Shawn Vinson, Baltimore County Police.

The mixture of bleach and Pine Sol created a toxic cloud. At least one person suffered serious eye injuries. Others were affected by the fumes, triggering a hazmat response.

“We were getting a number of calls from inside the store, people suffering irritants to eye and respiratory passages,” said Glenn Backwell, Baltimore County Fire Department.

Jefferson has a long rap sheet that includes charges of domestic violence, auto theft and drug possession.

“They were familiar with each other. There was an ongoing dispute between the two,” Vinson said.

In a statement, Wal-Mart said they don’t expect this type of behavior in their stores and they apologized for inconveniencing customers.

Jefferson faces charges of first- and second-degree assault. Her bail is $350,000. She has a court appearance scheduled for Tuesday.

Most of the 19 people who were injured complained of eye irritation or breathing problems.

Comments (42)
  1. Sylvan Finkelstein says:


  2. bmoregyrl says:

    Ok she is a good person… ya right she knows better then to attack someone with chemicals like that she could have killed her. Shame on her over a damn man. I hope they put away for a while and then maybe she will learn her lesson. Stupid people. Just saying. I don’t care if the other woman called her a name it does not give her the right to put chemicals on her. I think the charges should be attempted murder.

  3. Christine says:


  4. Leslie says:

    She is a good person…okay so we are suppost to take the word of those that would find this a provokable incident…Just so you know “Good People” cant even wrap thier mind around doing something like this. The sad part is she has kids that Im sure she is raising to believe that its okay for people to act like this…Her past criminal acts alone scream she is not a good person.

  5. Robert Long says:

    This is why the world has come to this kind of stuff. Because back in the day idiots like her where put in jail for ever and or put to death. they need to start doing it again. because the world is filling up with this kind of human trash and needs to be taken out. hell why dont they just launch them into space or into the sun and get rid of them. yea the prisons are full. so we let idiots like this go and they keep going crazy like this. kill her and get it over with. and give her kids new homes of someone who will not teach them kids to act like that. parents like this and they show there kids they can act this way.. makes me sick! now you know why kids these days are getting locked up at age 10.

  6. Kay says:

    With her criminal record this should be the last straw!!! Apparently she thinks it is ok to attack people. Lock her up for good.

  7. Joan says:

    I think everyone is innocent until proving innocent. For you all to say this woman should be killed. What is wrong with you. Maybe you have a dark side too.
    yes she seems to need’s counselling but death……… Get a life people and where is the LOVE.

    1. tylerjake says:

      Joan, you sound like a typical bleeding heart. Go take a long walk off a short pier! How would you feel if this would have been you in that store or one of your family members, exposed to something like that?! Wise up LOSER!

      1. How ironic.. says:

        You don’t sound any more civilized than the accused attacker.

  8. 1uniquemonique says:

    Now watch Jefferson cop a crazy plea. Why isn’t attempted murder among the charges?

    1. T says:

      Definition of attempted murder:

      “attempted murder depends on an intention to kill, and an overt act towards the homicide. Attempted murder is only the planning of a murder and acts taken towards it, not the actual killing, which is the murder.”

      So unless they can prove she PLANNED to KILL the victim, it won’t be attempted murder.

      1. Kay says:

        Planning to kill someone is PREMEDITATED!!! Attempted can happen at any time. Watch CSI and learn something!!!

  9. Stop Interviewing Ignorant People says:

    Why do the news reporter always interview the worse looking person whenever something happens?

    And help Theresa find the other part of her hair track to cover the bald side of her head.


    Was she so desperate that she needed to fight over a man? He is probably at the hospital helpng the other woman nurse her wounds. Don’t you look stupid. You should have been given a 1 million dollar bail and then you can spend time with a bunch of women inmates who would probably enjoy having bleach and ammonia poured over them.

  11. kesh says:

    Ya”ll gone let willie joe go in like that. you would say that on the internet.

  12. Leigh Ann Erdman says:

    Let’s see, 19 counts of assault, one person with possible permanent eye injuries…yes she is a *good person* and the ones who think she is a good person are delusional. To the woman who thinks she is misunderstood and needs help, well she can get that help in prison while her children sit in foster care because she is too selfish to look outside her own idiotic needs. All over a man. Isn’t she proud. The only thing she did right was turn herself into the police.

  13. Tama says:

    She didn’t turn herself in to police. She stormed in there wanting an warrant on the other women. They recognized her and locked her up. She’s stupid.

    1. Leigh Ann Erdman says:

      Interesting, the Sunday paper reported otherwise.

      1. sheriff says:

        Leigh Ann, The head of the internet police & chief Nazi c….t.

  14. LiLi says:

    Its the bleaches fault. Two week waiting period for bleach now.

    1. tylerjake says:

      LMAO! Love it LiLi! You’re right, that’s what they’ll make us do in nanny state Maryland now!

  15. jose says:

    if people in this world did not act like they do this people would not loss?it AND DO THING THAT THEY DO IF SOME ONE INTERFER WITH YOUR LIFE and the life of your child you would do the same .i know her for over six year anc what she did was wrong . but for the sAFETY OF YOUR KID YOU WOULD do the sAME SOMERTHING CRAZy

    1. Leslie says:

      I have 3 kids and I cant say that I would follow someone into the walmart and throw bleach on them….The victim was not harming anyone at that moment so claiming defense is ridiculous.

    2. RDNKKKGRL says:

      jose your about a freakin wack job too if that was me or someone was doing something to one of my kids then id definitly just let good ole smith n wesson take care of them real quick!!

  16. ciara says:

    If these unmarried women would keep their legs closed. We wouldn’t have all this baby mama drama. A BABY WILL NOT HELP YOU KEEP A MAN.

  17. 4allmanKind says:

    The World LOVES to Judge PPL, it’s funny how ppl believe EVERY story that is seen on the News, there is always two sides of a story, I’m sure she did not intend on hurting innocent PPL, & I’m also sure her Neighbors was trying to shade light on the person who is Now seen as a animal(Praying for yall PPL) sounds like their is a long history behind this story, Hope all sides are told? and to the RACIST PPL get a Life & grow Up. Some ppl in the World have backgrounds & change their life around….Never heard her side?

  18. I'mjustsayin says:

    What she did was not think. We have two generations of young people who are not taught to think a thing through. To have morals, values, goals. Then they pass this on to their kids. And there goes another lost generation. Where does it end? We so busy teaching them everything but lifeskills, that they grow up with no morals, principles, goals, or belief in themselves. Before you jump on the parents, believe me when I tell you that I got it from school. That being said, what exactly was the other girl doing while this one took the time it took to open the chemicals? Standing off to the side saying “wait for it, wait for it.”

  19. antoinette shorter says:

    If the woman attacked was Ebony Odoms, she (Ebony) had just taken a peace order out against Ms. Jefferson the day BEFORE the attack in Walmart. Ms. Jefferson is a bad girl and WJZ was right, she has an EXTENSIVE rap sheet. I swear I think there must be something in the water supply in Baltimore that makes people just lose their minds in the blink of an eye. So much hatred in this crazy city. See Ms. Jefferson’s blatant disregard for the laws of the land by clicking this link.

  20. Tim says:

    I guess I don’t understand why there is a forum for people to post comments on this new website?!?
    If someone does not like what you have to say or think it is racist, they can report it and have it removed.
    What happened to freedom of speech??
    According to the Supreme Court ruling earlier this year when it came to the case of the church protesting funerals, the Court ruled in favor of the church stating that sometimes speech can be hurtful.
    If that is the case WJZ should not censor the words of the people visiting their site, and if they feel they have the right to do this, than they should remove the comment area altogether!!

  21. PEGGY says:


  22. sophisticated says:

    You all post these ignorant comments because the offender is black but yet and still none of us know the true background of this situation.So why speculate? Throwing bleach isn’t the worst thing a woman can do are you kidding me? High school white girls do worst and I don’t see any news crews running to cover the story,then throw them out to be criticized by the public.This story is joke

  23. Tim says:

    I guess Leigh Ann doesn’t understand the meaning of freedom of speech.

    Even if you don’t like it the person is allowed to express their opinion.

    Based on your post, if you think it is a racist statement, than the person posted needs to have their statement removed.
    What if I told you I depise the word racist. Should all comments with that word be removed.

    If you want the freedom to say what you want in a public forum, than you must allow all others the same opportunity. Otherwise where are their rights??

  24. ... says:

    racist comment unreported

  25. Kim says:

    @ sophisticated: You’re the joke if you’re trying to defend this chick. @ antoinette shorter, Great job looking up the FACTS on Theresa (unlike Ms. sophisticated) and posted them. I was about to post the same thing until I saw yours. This chick is a loose cannon, and I hope they put her under the jail since, from her record, she STAYS there anyway. Furthermore, I hope every single person who was hurt sues her to the point where she’ll never be able to purchase anything in this lifetime w/out a civil judgment getting in the way. Even the father of her child has taken out a peace order on her, not just the victim. He had also been to court before trying to get custody of that child, but it was dismissed.

    1. sophisticated says:

      @ Kim the damn idiot,Who said I was defending her?Thats the probem with you simple minded people,you read one thing and jump to conclusions.Your a pathetic little girl,close your mouth and sit down somewhere.No one asked or cares about what you think

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